Hey everyone. My name is Daniel, I am new to the forum. I thought I would share these two autographs to possibly get identified as genuine or not.

All of the other autos that I have are real and the reason why I know that is because I personally got them by the artist.

These two have been a mystery though. The back story on these go as followed. I was down in Vancouver helping a buddy move and there was a garage sale going on, a couple houses down and I seen they had records for sale at .50 cents a piece. I didnt even realize they had these signatures until after a few day I got home.

The Elvis Costello auto is extremely crude and simple for what its worth. Personalized to "Nancy"

The Billy Gibbons auto is also personalized to "Nancy" however the suspicion with this one is it's not his typical "Billy G" auto. It's B Gibbons.

Either way for .50 cents a piece, they were worth it for the vinyl.

Any opinions to whether genuine or not?



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Welcome! I don't know these signatures, but they seem fluid and natural. They could easily be "enthusiast" pieces - (fakes). Others should chime in. I just wanted to say 'welcome".

I was speaking on the second being fluid FWIW. Not the Costello.

Haha yes the Elvis one is.... how should I say... childlike
Can anyone else weigh in?
Think Nancy might have been writing these to herself.

thats not elvis normal sig. not clue if he ever just signed his intials but thats not his signiture otherwise


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