I am starting this in hopes people will add their real Andy Griffith autographs and the Linke "secretarial" ones for comparison.  Since the death of Andy Griffith I have noticed a growing appreciation of the man and actor.  He was much more than just "Andy Taylor" his range from comedy to drama was great.  I suspect his popularity will increase partly because of TCM showing some of his dramatic and comic performances. 

In this study if you scroll down the comments you will find links to Andy Griffith's four appearances as a "Mystery Guest" on the television game show What's My Line? in 1958, 1959,1965 and 1967.  There are captures of his signature as he signed in below also. 

With Andy Griffith autographs it is not so much the forgeries, since the value has not quite reached the level to make it worthwhile, but "secretarial" signatures that are the problem.  The "secretary" generally was Richard O. Linke a producer who worked with Griffith for many years.  It is hoped that people will submit genuine autographs from checks or other sources as well as any "fake" ones.  The more there is for comparison the better our understanding of the nuances in his signature.

For many years the "Linke" autographs were considered real much in the same way that the "Challton Heston" signatures were.  An old respected collector many years ago told me that most of the Andy Griffith autographs were suspect.  At that time it was assumed a secretary was signing.  Based on what my friend told me I never actually owned an Andy Griffith autograph until I bought checks on eBay a few years ago!  The work that Gary Wedemeyer and Frank Johnson are doing to educate people on the subject of the "Linke" autographs is very valuable.  Like most TAGS collectors they have a great passion for the subject.  I would like to thank them for their efforts.

The first is the signature of a very young Andy Griffith at age 18.  This comes from the World War II draft registration form that was signed by Andy Griffith.  I have never seen an earlier example of his signature although no doubt some exist.    The original is in the National Archives so in a way this is an Andy Griffith autograph that we all own!

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The Andys I have are the generic that he sent out. Lots of fake Knotts on Ebay. I can think of 2 sellers in particular. He signed alot, I know, but they throw fakes out at 30.00 and people bid on them, kills me.

Did knotts and bavier use secretaries or was it forgeries?

WARNING: Andy Griffith reprint on OLD INDEX CARD STOCK.  I found on eBay an Andy Griffith autograph printed on 1950s original index card stock.  The price was $5 and the seller stated it was a reprint on old index card.  While this seller is being honest about it what happens when it is sold and maybe passed on a couple times?  Certainly at some point someone will think it is original since the paper is old.  This is another thing to be wary of.  This is the listing:


Hi Scott,

Yes, I have mentioned those here and seen them listed - the De Kelley is how I found them. Another thing to keep an eye on. 

I had not noticed the Griffith before.  The seller seems to have a large number of stars. These are being sold for $5 so I have little doubt some will sell the danger is unscrupulous people then trying to pass off them off to unsuspecting buyers.  These "reprints" on old stock is clearly going to be an on going problem.



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