I have changed the title of this from MR. SCHWUMP THE SILENT ACTOR to the above title.  I am going to try to include here actors and actresses who appeared in mostly (but not all) in uncredited roles on the show.  If anyone has exemplars for these please feel free to post them.  It is a work in progress trying to find out what episodes they were on so help with that is appreciated also.  Some appear many times other just once.   Any help that can be given will be greatly appreciated by me. 

Perhaps the most famous silent actor (or extra) on The Andy Griffith Show was a so far unknown actor who played "Mr. Schwump" the man with the toupee and false teeth.  He is acknowledged in the series yet he never speaks.  Jack Dodson in an interview mentions the extra as having been very nervous on camera.  He is seen in as many as 26 episodes but never speaks.  None of the actor's seemed to recall the man's real name and he was not a friend of Andy Griffith as has been suggested.  Griffith, Dodson, Knotts and even Richard O. Linke could remember the name.  He was probably  a member of the Screen Extras Guild and he appeared in two episodes of Gomer Pyle: U.S.M.C.   An April Fools joke on Facebook made up the name "Patch S. Wimmers" and many have sited this.   One  Charles David Forrest (aka David Forrest) had been suggested,  and one of his photographs somewhat resembled the TAGS character.  He also was a sound engineer on 122 episodes of TAGS, but his grandson confirmed that he is not Mr. Schwump. For those who might want to refresh their memory The Mayberry Historical Society website has a lot on him and others.  I call him Mr. Schwump others say Schwamp I  with my hearing such as it is I may be wrong.  am certain everyone will remember him from the photograph in this link:


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SHEP HOUGHTON died December 15, 2016, aged 102 years.  Connie Sawyer who was born in 1912 is the oldest living TAGS actor.

Does anyone know who played the boy who was delivering laundry in aunt bee the warden?




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