Anybody know of any living notable basketball players that sign thru the mail?

I would like to get one to sign a mini-basketball that I have but don't want to send it to a player if there isn't a hope of it being signed or even sent back.

Any leads will be much appreciated.

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Thanks.  I looked into his signing habits and it says that he only signs 1 card at a time which causes me to think that he might not sign other things, besides cards, such as a mini-basketball.  I was very interested in trying to get him to sign this ball but now I'm afraid that there would be a possibility that it might never be returned.

some years ago l sent a tile 6x6 standard and he signed it for me...was after the season

I am going to start back up going TTM. The first two people on my list are Jerry West and Tim Duncan through their teams. In the past, I have had success with the following (although none in the last five years): Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, David Robinson, Julius Erving, Elgin Baylor and Jerry West (my dad threw it away lol). 

Very impressive successes you've had, TTM is still alive & active but I've never seen a success from Tim Duncan & Jerry West hasn't been active for years from what I've seen, but who knows maybe you could get lucky! I'd be happy to send you Bob Cousy's address via message just send me a friend request so I can pm you. Bob has been a very good signer recently especially during the quarantine so I'm sure you'll have no problem getting a success from him. I recommend making a free account & taking a look at the TTM section over at - - they have many addresses for athletes & celebrities of all kinds. I wish you the best of luck Deepak!

I know Duncan and West are bold to try, but I have to as a fan. I have signed cards from trading companies so I technically already have them but I want the personal touch with the all-time greats. I have a signed bumper sticker in person from Magic and I wanted to get one signed by West to get the two most important Lakers basically ever imo. And with Duncan, I want to write to him BECAUSE he is so elusive. I want to test myself and see if I can write a letter that would get a response. We’ll see. I would definitely note it in this group if I mail it. Right now I’m waiting for some of the COVID stuff to slow down. 

I definitely get what you're saying,& I believe it is possible to get just about anyone via TTM with enough research and trial & error. I hope you can succeed in your mission, I look forward to it!


If anyone could tell me how to get David Robinson, Parrish, and Cousy (as well as what they sign, fees, etc.) I would be very grateful. 

You can find all those and more, Bob Cousy you will have to learn how to navigate around but you can find his as well, on this address....



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