Hi, could someone tell me a reliable address to write to Roger in switzerland? Thanks in advance

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thank you very much, can we only ship to USA? because the Swiss address I see is crossed out. Thanks again

That address, the Swiss one, if you look closely at it and one of the replies from it, had a RTS, return to sender from it, and the site has found another address to write to that you might get a better response.

thank you very much, so you advise me to write to the address on the roger site or on the one marked as RTS? thanks for your help.

Send it here.

Roger Federer
TEAM8 Sports & Entertainment
30650 Pinetree Rd
Suite 1
Pepper Pike, OH 44124

thank you so it is not better for me to send it to switzerland at the address of his website? thank you


I can help you with this. The only address for Roger is:

Roger Federer


CH-4103 Bottmingen


The reason for the RTS is the following - Roger used to sign items sent to him by fans. I myself have a couple of 8x10 photos that he graciously signed through the mail. However, a couple of years ago he is not doing it anymore and all mail that is larger than a 5x7 envelope and appears to have an item included is being rejected. Of course, there are some occasional reports of people getting magazines or photos signed, but those are the exceptions, not the rule.

So, the Switzerland address is still valid. Simply send him a letter, a self-addressed envelope, $2 or $3 cash inside for postage in a small envelope, like 5x7. He will send you back a presigned 4x6 photo. 

Good luck!

Thank you very much for your help I'll try ...

I was the last to get 8x10's from Roger through the mail. He included a letter stating he was done signing photos sent to him.



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