Are you guys interested in cataloguing all Morrison's checks that have been offered so far? Ill go through my archives and post what I have soon, including my own (my first JM sig ever, approved by PSA/DNA not that it needed of course..but its one of the few approved that I have seen).

now how much is a signed check worth to me ? Around 4-6.5k$ depending on : Date/type of sig (full or not)/ condition/ look of the signature.

To be honest the most pretty ones and boldest I have seen are JackGotLucky one first and then I think my own.

Mine is also signed by some "Susan Minor" whom I still have not identified yet. If anyone has any additional Info on her/him I would be grateful!

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Morrison123....I don't know about the letter. What is it in regards to?

its the last known letter Jim ever wrote to his friend Frank before his death while staying at L'Hotel in Paris on the 18th of May 1971.

You can see it here (it starts on 4:34)


its also one of the 3 existing letters to be written by Jim. The other two were sent to his accountant Bob Green and the other one to rock journalist Dave Marsh

If you count the post card he sent to Max Fink in March 71 it could be 4 known existing letters by Jim throughout his career.

We can look the price up on rr.

it wasn't included.. reserve was too high , we agreed later with RRauctions and Frank the hammer price

Someone sell something???


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