Anyone seen what this........thing is up to for bids?  North of $900 so far....


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Are you looking to buy an authentic Morrison or full set of Doors ?

I am always interested in Doors items.  I have several personal signed pieces by Ray and Robby.  I met Robby twice last year and just last month at the Indiana State Fair.  He usually signs items which is appreciated.

I have several watch lists out there in case a Morrison signature comes up.

Short answer to your question is I would be interested in an authentic Morrison signature, or his private publications, yes.  Are you selling?

I don't have a Morrison for sale  

I was just curious because all of your examples posted are cheaply priced forgeries. 

I wasn't sure if you were looking or just pointing out forgeries

Good luck

Understood.  No, I've just been pointing out the forgeries which apparently are really abundant.........and shoddily done!

There was a signed Morrison cheque for sale here quite a while ago 

Don't know if it sold or not

Maybe it's still in the buy and sell

Or hopefully someone can comment on its status

I think 6k was the asking price 

Here it is. This one really is a gem.

Whys jgl selling the Jm for?

Haven't you heard? 

Jack doesn't like Jim anymore. He's an Eminem fan now


Sorry Jack.... Just joshing ;) 

I am indeed selling one of my checks and if anyone is interested, PM me and we can chat.

The one in the OP was removed by eBay yesterday, but it was relisted shortly thereafter under a different user ID - Jfried504.

Bought from a private collection from a long time collector of music items and records .
Said he received it from his father in the 1980s
I’m not a collector of music memorabilia so I’m not an expert and I don’t know much about jim Morrison. The albums was shown to a local collector who collects albums and he said it’s the greatest example of his signature that he has seen and he compared it to other examples and he said it matched completely (though he is not an authenticator of any kind) .
No coa.
Please judge the signature for yourself and compare it before bidding.
No refunds
Selling as is.



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