What do you all think of cheques that belonged to Ray Manzarek ? I know I've seen maybe like 2 or 3 of his autographs which are fake but - how about his personal cheques ? why don't we see any for Robby or John ? and pretty sure I've seen about 10 cheques that are Rays :) 

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All of Ray’s signatures on the cheques are fine. I have a few different ones.

i’ve never seen John’s or Robby’s too!

I've got about 20 Ray checks. I actually contacted him when he was alive about the company selling them, and he didn't care. Which lead me to believe (and because we haven't seen Robby or John ones), that he, himself, probably sold them all to the company. After all, I've seen him sell a number of things (once an amplifier case, with a letter he wrote saying "Jim's ass was sitting on this thing, smoking a doobie").

Ray and Jim checks are available and the price goes up every year. 

thank you everyone :) I don't if you all seen this but this is the only Robby Krieger cheque I've seen :) 

Did Jim endorse the back? That would be a heck of an item. 

Yes Chad, he did. Here it is...

Wow. I’ll take it. 



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