Very talented organist

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This cant be real?

I think it’s real. Raymond Daniel Manzarek - Born 2-12-39.

Would you say an old signature from the 70s or 60s?

Not 60's or 70's. It looks like a later signature.

The white cards are throwing me off. It's an older thing to do to write ray organist at the bottom of the card .

It is very bright and under contrasted. There is "Founder of Doors" in pencil erased and other things - possibly paper loss as well. I will go to the other room and try and show what it might look like.

Ah, I see on my PC it does show more - I adjusted it anyway to what it might look like as the image as posted is blown out. I don't believe there is paper loss - perhaps some abrasion at most. There seems to be some album or other toning.

Click for full image


I find I like the period notations, especially dates/locations, on these vintage signed cards/slips etc.

Hi Eric . The seller has this set which i find the notations rather odd for a 90s set , Dave grohl signed 93 but he has foo fighters which is post 94

That seems problematic...

You got it pal esp when asking 10k.

The Dave Grohl Foo Fighters notation was probably added after 1993. Not good for $10k set!!!!




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