An autograph book, belonged to my late father who was Manager of The Fijian Hotel (now known as The Shangri La Fijian) in the early 70s. It was THE place to stay then, and many many celebs passed through, either on their way back from concerts etc in Oz, or on their way there.

This autograph book contains the signatures and messages from, Arte Johnson, Benny Goodman, Burt Bacarach, Sid James (also have signed photo of Sid), Victoria Shaw, all FOUR Bee Gees when Geoff Bridgeford briefly joined the group. There are several dignitaries, and several I can't read.

Would appreciate some feedback if you know if this interests anyone? I know they're authentic, I lived the life too.

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Hi Michelle,

Sounds interesting! Can you post images?

I thought the Bee Gees would create some interest, but no. Looks like eBay here I come.
Hi Michelle
How much you asking for the item, this gives us a guideline thanks....and l could be interested

Best regards
Mark Saurin

Hi Mark, I am not an avid collector, nor do I know what these are worth.  I know the Bee Gees, with Geoff Bridgeford, would be a rarity.  Not sure if Benny Goodman is in demand (?)  And Victoria Shaw is a little obscure.  And there's Peter Appleyard, the famous Canadian jazz musician.  It's such a mixed bag I have no idea of it's worth.  Any ideas?  Even if it's not for you?



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