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Did Brian sign, “Brian J”?

Yes "Brian J"

Measures? Thanks.

Approximately 5.5 x 8

John, do you know what it would cost to get this authenticated by PSA, JSA, Beckett, or Epperson?  I only ask because, even though I think it’s authentic, if I bought it from you, and somewhere down the line, if I ever decided to sell it, having a major TPA behind it does help selling it.  It’s an unfortunate reality.  Authentic items without a legit LOA can take a lot longer to sell because there are too many people fixated on these silly stickers.  I buy and collect items without authentication, but I kind of have to factor it into the overall cost.  

I don’t know what authentication would cost, but with shipping both ways and insurance they make you get, it could be $150...I’m guessing.

I recently sold a Tom Brady signed mini helmet without an LOA on eBay.  I’m NOT a dealer.  I’m a collector, but occasionally I sell in order to buy something else.  But it took quite awhile to sell because, even though it was obvious to me it was real...and also passed the AML test, many prospective buyers on eBay wouldn’t trust it without PSA, JSA or BAS.  Finally someone did.

$100 for the authentication.  It would not be a premium item since it is Brian Johnson, not Bon.  I always try to get same day onsite authentication at one of the many shows that they attend. It helps curtail costs.

I agree with Daniel.  To your point, maybe get paperwork if and when you sell it, and just pay $15 to roger now for peace of mind. 

Ok, thanks to you  both.

Why a coa if the piece have a great story and is 100% authentic?? The coa is only for people which nothing know about autographs. I could buy it if the price  is good... please let me k oe John William

Price is good. I have consulted others on the price and I am on the low end of what I have been told. TIM G., am I being fair?

I think $500 for a Vintage, early 80's set of Signatures, is Fair. Try to find another Full Set on Paper. It won't be an easy task to do. Just look at the beautiful red ink pen signatures. Most would be Pink and halfway faded away, by now. Plus, there's Phil, who is missing from 60% of Signed items.

I'm even considering Buying them, at this point. Sending a PM to you now.


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