Autograph collection for sale - sports, music, entertainment, animation (Stones, Zeppelin, Elvis, Ali, Jordan etc)

Hello all,

I have reluctantly decided to sell my autograph collection after downsizing and moving to a smaller house.  Nearly everything in the collection has been authenticated, and I will guarantee the authenticity of the few items that have not been.  I will make donations to Steves's fund as items sell.  Here is a complete list of what I have for sale:

ITEM  (Balls, helmets, etc)                  AUTHENTICATOR              AUTHENTICATION #

1.  Ric Flair action figure                       N/A                                          Photo of signing

2.  Richard Petty 1:24 die cast car         RCCA                                      N/A

3.  Willie Mosconi 8 ball                        JSA COA                                 F05404

4.  Tony Hawk skateboard wheel          JSA COA                                 H69278

5.  Arnold Palmer golf ball                    JSA LOA                                 B51796

6.  Jack Nicklaus golf ball                     JSA LOA                                 X55481

7.  Jennie Finch softball                        JSA COA                                 W176060

8.  Pele soccer ball                               PSA COA                                5A80384

9.  Evel Knievel helmet w/ “Happy         PSA COA                                H75047

            Landings" inscription

10.  Willie Shoemaker FDC                    PSA Encapsulated                             83288523

11.  “Showtime” Lakers forum floorboard      PSA COA                                5A96099

           Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, Magic

          Johnson, Byron Scott & Michael Thompson

12.  Jesse Owens 1936 envelope           PSA Encapsulated                             83714472

        w/vintage signature    

13.  Kerri Walsh/Misty Mae Traynor volleyball w/       PSA LOA                                V11807

          “Dream Big”, “USA ’00, ’04, ’08, ‘12” and

       “Dream in Gold” inscriptions

14.  Michael Phelps swim cap                                       PSA LOA                                T04209

15.  Johnny Unitas football w/”#19” inscription           PSA LOA                                Q74052

16.  Wayne Gretzky hockey puck                                  WG Authentic                         102080

17.  Bjorn Borg tennis ball                                            JSA COA                                 SM05465

18.  Barry Sanders mini-helmet w/ “The Lion               Schwartz Sports                      N/A

          King” inscription

19.  Muhammad Ali boxing glove owned by

       Dennis Rodman, w/ “To Dennis,                    JSA LOA                       Y21118

          From Muhammad Ali, 11/23/80” inscription      

          Dennis Rodman LOA, signed by Rodman             JSA COA                                J39682

20.  Mickey Mantle baseball                                          N/A                               

21.  Pete Rose baseball w/ 7 handwritten stats              N/A                                         N/A

22.  Cal Ripken baseball                                                Ironclad                                   N/A

23.  Michael Jordan basketball                                  UDA                                        BAF05373

24.  Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter                     PSA COA                                V27799

          (“Dexter”) knife  SOLD


25.  Cal Ripken jersey w/ full name signature           PSA COA                                5A51667

          and five inscriptions

26.  John Riggins stat jersey                                     JSA COA                                 W312638

27.  Wayne Gretzky jersey                                             JSA LOA                                 X02484

28.  Derek Jeter jersey display                                       Steiner                                     N/A

29.  NBA legends jersey signed by:

          “Dr. J” Julius Erving #6                              PSA COA                                5A72058

          Larry Bird #33                                                     Bird Authentics                       32778

          Magic Johnson #32                                    JSA COA                                 W587019


30.  Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura 8 x 10                   PSA COA                                L88848

31.  Tiger Woods 30 x 12                                         UDA                                        BAJ37121

32.  Ric Flair/Hulk Hogan 16 x 20                            JSA COA                                 W750814

33.  1986 Mets team signed 16 x 20 photo                JSA LOA                                 X02646

          34 signatures, including G. Carter, D. Gooden,

       D. Strawberry, K. Hernandez, M. Wilson,

       L. Dykstra, W. Backman, R. Knight, etc.

34.  Mike Tyson/Evander Holyfield 16 x 20              PSA COA                                5A13212

          Tyson – “Hell yeah I bit him” inscription;

       Holyfield scripture inscription

35.  Miracle on Ice team signed 18 x 24                 JSA LOA                                 Y10949

          17 signatures including Herb Brooks, who adds

       “Good luck-stay healthy” & “USA Gold ‘80”


36.  Wilt Chamberlain 11 x 14          SOLD               PSA LOA                                S09927

          Chamberlain adds “100 Pts 3/2/62” inscription

37.  Kobe Bryant/Shaquille O’Neal Sports Illustrated      PSA LOA                       AA03043


38.  Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan signed display        JSA COA                         P46443

39.  Dale Earnhardt Sr. 8 x 10                                JSA COA                                 N54301



40.  Blazing Saddles display w/8 cut signatures -       JSA LOA                                 Y26319

          Mel Brooks, Alex Karras, Cleavon Little,

      Dave Huddleston, Madeline Kahn, Gene

      Wilder, Slim Pickens & Harvey Korman

41.  Jack Nicholson 11 x 14 photo   SOLD                  PSA COA                                Q31321

42.  Batman display:   SOLD

          8 x 10 photo signed by Burt Ward & Adam West   PSA COA                                V90638

          8 x 10 original sketch of Batman and Robin,

          drawn and signed by Batman creator Bob Kane  PSA LOA                                X02397

43.  Clint Eastwood 8 x 10 photo                                 PSA LOA                                V03329

44.  Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis 9 x 7                               JSA LOA                                 Y26477

45.  Willie Wonka group signed 17 x 11 photo             PSA LOA                            4A96959

          Peter Ostrum, Gene Wilder, Julie Dawn Cole,

       Denise Nickerson, Paris Themmen, Michael


46.  Seinfeld cast signed 22 x 17 poster                         PSA LOA                                H47012

47.  Alfred Hitchcock 8 x 9 signed self portrait drawing     PSA LOA                         Y00727

48.  Roy Rogers/Dale Evans signed 8 x 10                    JSA COA                                P39761

49.  Laurel & Hardy display w/poster & cut             JSA LOA                                 Y87647

          Signatures of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy,

       No inscriptions



50.  Myron Waldman signed Popeye cel                King Features seal, RR Auction COA

          LE 28/50

51.  Hanna/Barbera signed Tom & Jerry cel                           Hanna/Barbera seal

52.  Walter Lantz twice signed Woody Woodpecker display   SOLD

          FDC w/Woody Woodpecker drawing                   PSA COA                                W36294

          Large Woody Woodpecker drawing                     PSA COA                                Y52425

53.  Matt Groening 8x10 Bart Simpson sketch  SOLD PSA COA                                S66692

54.  Friz Freleng signed Pink Panther cel                       DFE Films seal

55.  Stan Lee signed 16 x 21 Hulk poster                      Marvel

          LE 242/500

56.  Chuck Jones signed Bugs Bunny cel                       Chuck Jones seal

          LE 112/500

57.  Friz Freleng signed Tazmanian Devel cel                Linda Jones seal

          LE 179/200

58.  Beavis & Butthead cel display w/Mike Judge                  RR Auction LOA

          Signed 5 x 7 card w/ “HUH-HUH-HUH

          Be Cool” inscription  SOLD

59.  Mel Blanc/Friz Freleng signed Sylvester           JSA LOA                                 Y87650

          The Cat drawing



60.  Led Zeppelin Hard Rock Poster                              JSA LOA                                 Y00857

          Signed by Page, Plant & Jones

61.  Led Zeppelin display

      Led Zeppelin IV album signed by Plant & Jones            REAL (Roger Epperson)

          Rock Portrait magazine signed by Jimmy Page             REAL

          Photo signed by John Bonham                                       REAL

62.  Elvis Presley signed 9 x 7 photo                          JSA LOA                                 Y48874

               With “wow!!” &  “love ya” inscriptions

63.  Rolling Stones display

          Early 60s Sion Hall hotel brochure signed by      REAL & Tracks

                             Jagger, Richards, Watts, Wyman &

                   Brian Jones

          Photo signed by Mick Taylor                               REAL

                   Photo signed by Ronnie Wood                             REAL

64.  Henry Mancini signed Pink Panther album

65.  Cars Candy-O album signed by Ric Ocasek,          JSA COA                                G85343

          Elliot Easton, Greg Hawkes, David Robinson,

          And Benjamin Orr   SOLD

66.  Aerosmith Draw the Line album signed by             PSA LOA                                S04503

          Tyler, Perry, Hamilton, Kramer & Whitford

67.  Van Halen Fair Warning album signed by Roth,    PSA LOA                                W06195

          Anthony, Alex Van Halen & Eddie Van Halen

68.  Johnny Cash twice signed display

            "Now Here’s Johnny Cash" album                         REAL

                    8 x 10 photo                                                     JSA LOA                        Y80752

69.  Styx Grand Illusion album signed by Dennis                   REAL

          DeYoung, Chuck Panozzo, Tommy Shaw

          & James Young

70.  BB King signed 28 x 22 poster                               JSA LOA                                 Y80753

71.  John Lee Hooker twice signed display

             "Never Get Out of These Blues Alive" album        REAL

                FDC                                                                     REAL

72.  Frank Zappa thrice signed display

          Check                                                REAL

                   Photo                                                                    REAL

                   Contract                                                               REAL

73.  Black Sabbath "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"                REAL

          album signed by all 4



74.  Campaign sign signed by George W. & Laura Bush   JSA LOA                         Y58841

75.  J. Edgar Hoover TLS                                              PSA LOA                                Y00728

76.  Jefferson Davis handwritten letter                        JSA LOA                                 Y48873



77.  Philip Morris program signed by “Little Johnnie

          Morris”, aka Johnnie Roventini

78.  Circus display

          Check signed by Henry Ringling                          PSA Encapsolated                           

          Check signed by Al Ringling                                PSA Encapsolated

          Check signed by Charles Ringling                    PSA Encapsolated

          Handwritten letter signed by P T Barnum            PSA Encapsolated

79.  Harper Lee handwritten & signed letter w/

          great content, including mailing envelope

80.  Edie Falco Nurse Jackie lot: screen worn outfit,      PSA & Lionsgate COA

          signed photo + extras

Please contact me via email ( or private message and I will be happy to provide pics and prices.  Thanks in advance, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.





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Hi Allen,

I just noticed that the instructions didn't say this, but please post images of each autograph. We ask that to help protect members against forgeries. 

We prefer that members post prices as well, unless you want members to make an offer.


Email sent..



Zeppelin poster, Plant & JPJ
How much for Johnny Cash and can you post pics? Thanks!
Sure, here are pics of the Johnny Cash display. Comes with REAL & JSA LOAs. $950/best offer. Thanks

Great Johnny Cash display.

Still have the Zeppelin-Hard Rock Poster, Black Sabbath-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Aerosmith-Draw the Line or the Wayne Gretzky Jersey? Thank You.

Can you please post items and prices of the following:

Muhammad Ali (inscription)


Frank Zappa

Will you sell John Bonham as a single item?

Are the Elvis and Aerosmith ones still available? If so, can you post pictures and prices? 


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