I posted this before but I didn't receive any responses, so I figured I'd try again.

After being scammed by the folks on eBay, I want to try here. If you or anybody you know has any signed Chris Cornell items and are looking to part with it, please let me know. It would be for my personal collection.

Additionally, if you're aware of an authentic one on eBay from a reputable seller, please send it my way!

Thank you so much!

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In the interests of seeing you find what you are looking for...were it me and considering the Cornell last night, I would respectfully suggest focusing ones energy on self education before purchasing again. I would post a lot of sigs w/o buying to see what others think. That is free here. What does the genuine article look like? A good seller? What were the flags in this context?

That was a scam, yes, but with all due respect you walked right into it with flags flying. There were enough flags for a parade, and the graph appears a contrivance of one sort or another. It was the very low price alone that tipped me off first - and I don't know the price - it just seemed way to low. That mess could have been successfully avoided w/o ever looking at the autograph - just seeing the flags and listening to them. I did not look at any Cornell graphs - just worked with the sellers photos and the info as presented along with some auction results (sellers past and also RR etc). I never have seen a Cornell autograph as far as I know.

Those flags were screaming. Those ever-lowering absurd prices from this seller but with decreasing bidders, the "proof" photos being recycled and Photo-shopped also to appear different locations...and then 2 more Cornell guitars...his other stock.... Tom Petty signed guitar for $220??? The sheer want of an item can blind.   

Eric, I cannot stress to you enough how much you have helped me. It’s safe to say that YOU saved me from making an expensive mistake regarding the last purchase.

The guitar was a bad purchase. But it will be returned THE DAY I get it for a full refund. So I’m really not taking a loss on this.

I didn’t do my research before bidding, like I should have. I caught the auction when there was 40 seconds left and I figured it was worth a chance. I didn’t have time to look at all the red flags, and I should have.

However, I think it’s completely unfair for you to derail the conversation here. I am looking, and asking this online community, if they had any leads to an authentic Chris Cornell autograph.

Of course, this time I will take my time and do my research. And yes, if I find anything online I will post it here before buying, and I hope you, as well as other members here, will give me your valued opinions.

However, I just want to ask... what we’re you hoping to achieve by trying to make me feel bad about my previous purchase? (a purchase that will have no lasting effect on me once it’s returned). I now know the buyer shouldn’t be trusted, and more importantly I know to check here first. So yes, I learned my lesson. What’s the point of salting my wounds?

Hello Trevor, I was certainly not trying to make you feel bad. I was trying to show what the red flags were and how they could be interpreted in this context, especially w/o the autograph - just the flags. I am not trying to derail this thread either - I was hoping to help you in your quest. Best wishes, Eric 

Edit to add: If I did make you feel bad, without regard for my intent, that's is all that matters and I truly apologize.

Thank you. I really appreciate it. You seem to have a good eye for high quality and authentic pieces.

I have done a bit more research and found some (what I believe) genuine items from good sellers. So I might consider purchasing one of these, or at the very least posting it to this group to see what everybody thinks.

I was just wondering if you have any resources, know any reputable dealers, or have seen any good eBay listings of people who might be selling a real Cornell item.

Hi Trevor,

I do not believe one can safely make such a broad statement about a source or TPG etc. "...Buy from so-and-so..." - Mistakes can be made. I believe each signature should be taken on its own merits - especially with something like this. As you can see, Bjarne has offered you a signed postcard - as I said I never saw a Cornell so can't speak to that, but I can say my red 1976 Bowie signature came from Bjarne, and it is superb. It is listed at davidbowieautograph.com as one of the first "Bo° 76" signatures ever and one of only four 1976 examples shown. 

I have this postcard obtained in person if you are interested.


Nice one. 


very nice piece Bjarne

Yes indeed, great contrast and placement along with a great photo.

Very great photo and contrast

Hi i am also interested and have messaged you.

I have a rare signed soundgarden poster  from work just depends on ur budget


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