In the past I was very lucky to buy an original autograph (after years waiting and searching. And after many forgeries ). It's a great pleasure and support in my life just like David has been for me since my thirteen years.
Now, I've managed to save some money so I can ask if someone has something for sell. The best will be signed photo, blank paper or card - Please offer in my PM with photos and price. I am not primary looking for rare years or signatures, will be happy even for most common years. :-) I can promise I will not have it for selling or trading. Only genuine please.

Thank you very much.

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And I would buy it for 250 now bc I think it is my max price for card :-) 

Hello again Sara,

It will take time to find an authentic Bowie for under $250 - on anything. I have seen very little authentic Labyrinth so that will likely be over $500 easily. I'd be checking a few sources several times a day and be ready to get the opinions you need and move on it when necessary. 

Best wishes,


Hi Eric, it is no need to find Bowie under $250 - of course, it would be amazing but not my priority. But I also do not want something with value of $250 priced for $400 it is a common problem on eBay.

For autenthic Labyrinth I am ready to pay. I found one authentic but overpriced and with Jennifer Connelly which I think it is not real - it is weird that Bowie is and she not :-D

Do not worry, I will not buy anything without your kind help because I already bought a lot of fakes. :-D

I am here, on email, in PM. Everywhere. :-) Thank you, Eric!

Best wishes

Christmas are coming... still no one can offer some nice signed photo - best from 1980-1990 era but autograph itself can be from any year? I am looking for signed Labyrinth photo very badly.

Would be happy for nice clear sample at blank paper as well.

Not looking for rare years, signed books, LPs, CDs, shirts and so. :-)

PM me if you have offer for me. For something I will love I have good budget. :-)

What is your budget Sara? If you say what it is you might get more responses. There is a lovely 1978 on eBay for $499 which is a very good price and you can still get an ISOLAR card from RecordMecca's website for $375.

I am afraid if I say my budget that people will want to over-price me :-)) I should get Isolar for 200 pound if remember well but... you know it is not right for me. :-) $499 is good price but bad year :-D

ISOLAR cards are bringing more and more and not just at eBay. RR as well. You should not be afraid to mention your budget - no one cane force you to buy anything and you can always counteroffer. If your budget is too low you may be in for a long wait. The last signed photo I sold brought over $800 and sold in about 26 minutes.

I understand but when someone have what I am looking for, I would be happy when they can give me their expectations of price. I will accept or not. Depends very much what it would be. For nice Labyrinth I would pay more then for signed paper but I am scared even for $800 there is anything what I want :-D Also I can say my budget is any amount but when someone give me offer of nice Labyrinth photo I can bid more than I originally wanted - very individual. :-)

I don't believe I have seen many Labyrinth photos genuinely signed. Ask Andy about the value of such a signed photo and how frequently he has encountered them.

I asked. I remember he said it is very individual for that piece. We both know about one on ebay but it is signed by Jennifer Connelly too and her signature does not look real unfortunately and it is cut page from magazine which does look fragile.

I would like to remind that I am still looking.

I would like to buy signed a photograph from the Labyrinth, but I would also like to buy any 1999 sample on white paper.

I am also opened to offers for signed photographs from Glass Spider era. Thank you.

Still actual.




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