SELL: TWILIGHT ZONE handwritten and signed lines by actors in original 1959-1964 episodes

For the past few years, I've been selling my collection (originally 220, now 108) of 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" TZ Cards I had printed first in 1984, then more in 2002. I asked each actor to handwrite the title of the episode, a line from the episode, and sign his/her name and the role.  Some short quotes, some long. Many never responded. Many did. Two or three added "To Herman." I enclosed a self-addressed stamped rigid brown envelope to avoid bending or folding. Never to a studio address.
I stopped mailing requests about 1990. The later ones were signed in person in front of me, at the 4 TZ Cons in 2002 and 2004 in Los Angeles and in 2006 and 2007 at the two I organized in New Jersey. And the Hollywood Show in 2009 which included about 50 TZ actors to commemorate the 50th anniversary of TZ.
It has been 60 years since the first TZ episode was televised. Fathom Events and CBS Home Entertainment have scheduled a November 14, 2019, showing for “The Twilight Zone: A 60th Anniversary Celebration” at more than 600 North American cinemas. The shows will combine digitally restored versions of six episodes with an all-new documentary short titled “Remembering Rod Serling” about the life, imagination and creativity of the show’s creator. It’s the first time that original episodes of the series, which ran from 1959-1964, have been presented on the big screen.
All the actors who handwrote my TZ Quote Cards appeared in the original 1959-1964 TZ series. Most have passed away. The ones I still have, and the prices, are listed. I can make scans of any that a Live! member would be interested in.
The more you  buy, the lower the prices!
Reasonable offer considered for the entire collection.
At $7000 for the collection of 108, the average price for each is $65. Offers accepted.
Steve Cyrkin OK'd the listing.
  1. Holliman, Earl (1st episode: Where Is Everybody?) $100
  2. Hickman, Darryl (pilot: The Time Element) $75
  3. Keen, Noah (The Arrival) $50
  4. Lydon, James (Back There) $50
  5. Johnson, Russell (Back There) $75
  6. Strangis, Judy (The Bard) $75
  7. Wingreen, Jason (The Bard) $50
  8. Reynolds, Burt (The Bard) $125
  9. Forest, Michael (Black Leather Jackets) $75
  10. Lowell, Tom (The Changing of the Guard) $40
  11. Grizzard, George (The Chaser) $45
  12. Wayne, David (Escape Clause) signature on my TZ card $40
  13. Johnson, Russell (Execution) $75
  14. Douglas, Donna (The Eye of the Beholder) signature on typed quote not on card $40
  15. Richman, Peter Mark (The Fear) $60
  16. Windom, William (Five Characters in Search of an Exit) $60
  17. Bikel, Theodore (Four O’Clock) $100
  18. Chiles, Linden (Four O’Clock) $75
  19. Garland, Beverly (The Four of Us Are Dying) $85
  20. Pine, Phillip (The Four of Us Are Dying) $600
  21. Wynant, H. M. (The Howling Man) $100
  22. Constantine, Michael (I Am the Night – Color Me Black) $100
  23. Lindsey, George (I Am the Night – Color Me Black) $60
  24. Morris, Howard (I Dream of Genie) $75
  25. Martin, Dewey (I Shot an Arrow Into the Air) $100
  26. Herbert, Charles (I Sing the Body Electric) $50
  27. Dillaway, Dana (I Sing the Body Electric) $75
  28. Cartwright, Veronica (I Sing the Body Electric) $75
  29. Hutchinson, Josephine (I Sing the Body Electric) $60
  30. Mumy, Billy (In Praise of Pip) $75
  31. Pine, Phillip (The Incredible World of Horace Ford) $60
  32. Martin, Nan (the Incredible World of Horace Ford) $60
  33. Mumy, Billy (It’s a Good Life) $75
  34. Keefer, Don (It’s a Good Life) signature on typed quote not on card $40
  35. Leachman, Cloris (It’s a Good Life) $100
  36. Best, James (Jess Belle) $100
  37. Francis, Anne (Jess Belle) $75
  38. Persoff, Nehemiah (Judgment Night) $75
  39. Erdman, Richard (A Kind of Stopwatch) $100
  40. Gregory, Mary (The Lateness of the Hour) $45
  41. Jackson, Sherry (The Last Rites of Jess Myrtlebank) $100
  42. Best, James (The Last Rites of Jess Myrtlebank) $100
  43. Marshall, Sarah (Little Girl Lost) $50
  44. Foray, June (The Living Doll) $100
  45. Warden, Jack (The Lonely) signature on typed quote, not on card $40
  46. Mumy, Billy (Long Distance Call) $100
  47. Hartley, Mariette (The Long Morrow) $50
  48. Ruskin, Joseph (The Man in the Bottle) $75
  49. Sues, Alan (The Masks) $75
  50. Hayward, Brooke (The Masks) $75
  51. Wingreen, Jason (The Midnight Sun) $50
  52. Sorrells, Robert (The Mighty Casey) $75
  53. Berman, Shelley (The Mind and the Matter) $60
  54. Miles, Vera (Mirror Image) $75
  55. Waggner, Lea (The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street) $50
  56. Strickland, Amzie (The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street) $100
  57. Gregory, Mary (The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street) $75
  58. Carson, Jean (A Most Unusual Camera) $85
  59. Erwin, Bill (Mute) $50
  60. Lane, Charles (Mr. Bevis) quote written by his secretary, signed by him $75
  61. Bean, Orson (Mr. Bevis) $75
  62. Schallert, William (Mr. Bevis) $60
  63. Landau, Martin (Mr. Denton on Doomsday) $75
  64. Erwin, Bill (Mr. Denton on Doomsday) $50
  65. Cooper, Jeanne (Mr. Denton on Doomsday) $60
  66. Gillespie, Larrian (Night of the Meek) $50
  67. Rule, Janice (Nightmare as a Child) $100
  68. Hicks, Chuck (Ninety Years Without Slumbering) no lines; wrote what he did $40
  69. Anderson, John (The Odyssey of Flight 33) $125
  70. Comi, Paul (The Odyssey of Flight 33) $75
  71. Heffley, Wayne (The Odyssey of Flight 33) $75
  72. Newmar, Julie (Of Late I Think of Cliffordville) $100
  73. Whitmore, James (On Thursday We Leave for Home) didn’t sign his name, wrote his quote signed “Captain William ‘Bill’ Benteen” $75
  74. Dillaway, Dana (One for the Angels) $50
  75. Wiseman, Joseph (One More Pallbearer) just signed to me on my TZ card; no quote $40
  76. Comi, Paul (The Parallel) $100
  77. Scott, Jacqueline (The Parallel $75
  78. Aletter, Frank (The Parallel) $75
  79. Keefer, Don (Passage on the Lady Anne) signature on typed quote, not on card $40
  80. Linville, Joanne (The Passerby) $50
  81. Comi, Paul (People Are Alike All Over) $125
  82. Franklin, Camille (Printer’s Devil) $45
  83. Bower, Antoinette (Probe 7 – Over & Out) $100
  84. Masak, Ron (The Purple Testament) $45
  85. Nimoy, Leonard (A Quality of Mercy) $125   (also see Stockwell #107 & #108)
  86. Macklin, David (Ring-A-Ding Girl) $50
  87. Kobe, Gail (The Self-Improvement of Salvatore Ross) $85
  88. Stewart, Peggy (The Shelter) $75
  89. Gregory, Mary (The Shelter) $75
  90. Lee, Ruta (A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain) $100
  91. Hicks, Chuck (Steel) no speaking part, wrote what he did as the Maynard Flash $40
  92. Cooper, Ben (Still Valley) $75
  93. Malone, Nancy (Stopover in a Quiet Town) $65
  94. Bochner, Lloyd (To Serve Man) Quote re announcing the arrival of the Kanamits $100
  95. Ruskin, Joseph (To Serve Man) Quote as Voice of the Kanamit $100
  96. Bochner, Lloyd (To Serve Man) Quote from spaceship, last line of episode $100
  97. Kiel, Richard (To Serve Man) “To Serve Man / Richard Kiel / ‘Kanamit’ on card $6`0
  98. Keen, Noah (The Trade-Ins) $100
  99. Aherne, Brian (The Trouble With Templeton) signature on typed quote on paper $40
  100. Martel, Arlene (Twenty-Two) - in silver ink - $100
  101. Harris, Jonathan (Twenty-Two) $125
  102. Wayne, Fredd (Twenty-Two) $75
  103. Nelson, Ed (Valley of the Shadow) $100
  104. Morgan, Read (What You Need) $75
  105. Johnson, Arte (The Whole Truth) $60
  106. Erwin, Bill (Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?) $75
  107. Stockwell, Dean (A Quality of Mercy) as Yamuri, his quote written in another hand, signed by him $50
  108. Stockwell, Dean (A Quality of Mercy) as Katell, his quote written in another hand, signed by him $50

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Very cool, Herman.

My favorite series of all-time side-by-side with the Honeymooners.

I've been watching the Twilight Zone since 1962 and have easily watched each episode at least 100 times.

I watch at least one episode every day.

Wow, there's not enough of the older generation here to appreciate this but I am a big fan all this kind of stuff and that is a sweeeet collection. I'd love to have them but my wife would shoot me in the kneecaps if I put that on my PayPal. Haha. I would have to do a layaway to keep her from noticing. She never pays attention to me when I want her to, but let me try to be sneaky one time and she's on me like a monkey on a cupcake.

I agree with you, Scott.

Awesome collection.

I also have to admit this is very tempting.

I know, right? My wife just got a new vehicle so I have been running through my head how to use that as an opening but as of day, I have not found the intestinal fortitude to bring it up to her. No guts no glory like my grandpa used to say. Haha




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