Does anyone collect Gitar Picks and would Like to Trade for extras? I Have benn adding those to my Autograph collection and would like to Trade so Let me Know. Happy Collecting Dave.

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Hi Dave! I collect them. What have you got? Would love to see your collection 

I am not sure How to up load photos on here, but i will Take some photos on my Phone and Try. I will make a List of what Who I have extras of and send ASAP. 

Here is who I have Extra's of I can Trade. All are concert Used. 1. Dicky Betts Allman Bro's band. 2. Carlos Santana. 3 B.B. King 4. Jason Eversman Nurvana. 5. Hank Willams Jr. 6. Richard Fortus GnR . I also Have a few of Eric Singer KISS Different Concert Tours I may Let one go of? I do Not know how to post photos but if interested i will send for you to see if you have interest in any let me know?

Not sure what a GITAR is -- but you probably collect GUITAR picks. If you collect it -- you gotta be able to spell it. 

LOL Chubby fingers

I have some but I am not collecting them. I have a bunch of Yngwie Malmsteen picks, one Glenn Hughes, one Uli Jon Roth and some others.

Very Cool. I would Love to have one of each?  What would you like in trade? You say You do not collect Picks>

What else do you have for trade besides picks?

I Have over 7500 signed Items in many areas of the Hobby. I Have collected since 1980. What area do you collect? 

Wow, that is a lot! I collect mostly rock (classic, hard, progressive), metal, tennis, Padres baseball, Chargers football. Some of my favorite bands are Deep Purple, Dio, Iron Maiden, YES, Rainbow, Metallica, Nightwish, GnR, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Ozzy. Let me send you a friend's request and we can talk about items.

I am to ole to have gathered  1990 or so Groups. I Have some Signed Photos of The Doors,

Robby Krieger

 also Nurvana Krist Novoselic and a signed 8/10 of Deep Purple. I could trade? Send me and e-mail and address if ya want I will send a couple so you can see. If ya Like one or so Send the Picks.

Dave, I sent you a friend request here. Accept it and we can continue the conversation through PM's. I will send you my email address as well.


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