I`m looking for a Freddie Mercury Autograph. I can trade against 2 Bowies. Pleas contact me.

Best wishes 

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I am curious what sort of 2 Bowie's would equal a Mercury.

I meant there are a lot of permutations that might work - vintage Bowie or...it really comes down to frequency of availability and if someone holding a Mercury would want to part with it. Good luck! :)

What was the source for ther second one?

It was checked by Andy and I think its even on bowieautograph

I know this is at Andy's site and I know what he wrote you. But don't forget - this source of the last "97" also sold a "1978" signed FDC for 125 GBP and a very forged red 1991 SP for a low price as well I am told "because he needs the money" - but if so why sell the 1978 for the lowest amount when it would be the most valuable by far? I recall when he initially claimed all his signatures were IP after 1987 - but then why the fake red 1991 he was offering and sold? This is the "97" I would not give a thumbs up on because the source was severely tainted. And I did not care for his trying to sell his "oddities" to members privately and asking folks not to share scans. I may become very unpopular very quickly, but this history/source should be known to potential traders. I end with quotes from Andy at davidbowieautographs.com himself:

"...There are very seldom bargains to be had as far as Bowie's autograph is concerned..."

"...Very rarely does an unsuspecting seller offer a genuine Bowie signature at a silly buy it now price - it has happened but  it is rare and they are snapped up in seconds..." - Andy @ davbidbowieautograph.com

I trust Andy and the seller has some 100% real ones. I think he mixed up bad with good stuff. He isn't a professional dealer he just bought some stuff witch was fake. Andy said its good and I think so too

Uhm...Queen's related signature prices are increasing much after the BoRhap movie...
I suggest you start saving money bro...though I like much the second Bowie you're offering.

Thanks for your advice! Are you interested? I would also sell it or trade against anything you want to.




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