Hi All,
Big stones fan wondering if any members here have Mick Jagger for sale? Any media or timeframe is fine. .. Or even on a piece of paper is fine. I have some fabulous autographed John Rowlands prints of Mick that would look fantastic accompanying if just on a piece of paper for framing.

thank you to anyone. feel free Post or message me.

kind regards :)

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Yes I've got some Stones ones from 1963 from their first UK tour supporting Little Richard and Bo Diddley. I've also got the program, handbill and ticket from the show and autographs from everyone else performing on that show. message me if you want pics

I was graphing one day and heard someone say they would knock down Mick Jagger and step over him to get Keith Richard's autograph. Seemed aggressive to me but..... Keith IS the man. Just sayin
keith IS the man for sure! but I'd like to start my stones collection finally .. rolled the dice, and landed on Mick first. multi signed would be nice but probably out of my price range o_O
@ phil, I'll message you later. Thanks for your response.

Yep message me when you get a minute and I'll let you have my email address. I'm collating quite a large collection from 1962-1964 period. There are handful of Stones items but one set of autographs I'm going to sell with Mick Jagger, Brian Jones and Keith Richards autographs on. I think there may be some more but not found them yet and at the moment we intend to just sell this one set. Believe it or not my friend met them on this first tour and spent a little time with them as they wanted directions to a local book shop here in Birmingham so he took them there. He got a few autographs from them but half of them blew out of his hand walking back to the venue! Back then they were just a new London band coming to Birmingham with one single that not even the Stones liked, so he didn't run to get them as it was no big loss at the time. Main acts on that show was Little Richard and Bo Diddley so those were the main autographs to get. I think the Everley Brothers were on the bill also so Rolling Stones right down the bottom. 

Hey Tim.. I am a long time Stones fanatic and have a nice collection from the 60s til now. I have a very nice Jagger for sale if u are interested email me ..Mike 

@ mike - For some reason my web browser has a hard time with sending messages but in forums it works fine. When I get home I will touch base with you. Thank you for your message!

Ok Bro sounds good ...ttu later...

keep an eye out for the Brussels Affair books that are out there for a nice authentic Mick.

i have anautographed concert poster by mick and charlie

Hey John the poster is really nice , i have the ticket to that show . But the signatures are really rushed. I wish they were alittle nicer as i would of been interested. 



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