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see attached...........$695

Thanks Mike, very nice. I am looking for mid to late 70’s though

Hey John,

   Just Sold a set of 3 yesterday. Didn't see your Post until now. I Deal in a lot of AC/ DC Stuff, so will Contact you when I find some. I'm trying to by a 45 Record that is signed By Bon, Cliff, Malcolm and Phil, but still negotiating on it, right now.

Thanks Timothy. Out of curiosity what did you sell? I already have a near fully signed Powerade, less cliff. What I want am looking for is autograph albulm pages or card stock or any sort of page
I would be willing to sell this Powerage album signed by bon, angus, malcomb, cliff and phil and authenticated and graded by psa/dna.

how much for the sheet


I appreciate the offer.  I actually do not need the Bon, which is what is demanding that amount...mostly.  I am trying to complete a set, of which i already have Bon.  Thanks anyway

No problem, John and yes, the complete group with Bon is driving the price.



   That's a nice set. I bought them from Christies a few years back. Can't remember if I sold them at RR or Iconic, one or the other. Angus must have been a part of that Grade (8) as the other 4 are as nice as you can get, for 40 year old Sigs.    John, the ones I just Sold were Bon, Angus and Mark Evans on a sheet of paper, no lines. They were put on here for Authenticity Opinions, but I don't think that they were what you were wanting either. Tell me what exactly you want and I will try to find it for you. I have made friends with a lot of other AC/ DC Collectors over the years.

Thanks Tim, I really appreciate the help.  I am trying to complete a set of the late 70's line up. I have the earliest line up and later line up and some mix and match.  I need Phil and Malcolm only , preferably on paper.  Something like this the attached

Very interesting, Tim and yes, I thought the same thing regarding the impact of the dark background for Angus. It is a great piece that I would love to frame but if I do so, do I not display Angus since his signature is on the other side?! Hmmmm

Tim, is my asking price fair is your opinion? I am not really motivated to sell it.



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