FOR SALE: Michael Jackson signed book (1993) Roger Epperson LOA (REAL) signed on Front Cover

SIGNED ON THE FRONT COVER: “Tyler Love Michael Jackson”

If you don’t like a personalized autograph (many people have no problem with them, however) please note: this is signed on glossy photo stock. My understanding is THE NAME “TYLER” CAN EASILY BE REMOVED since the item is signed on glossy material with a sharpie. You could simply wipe the name Tyler away (perhaps with a little effort).  You would then be left with “LOVE, MICHAEL JACKSON”.

OR You could simply “cut” out the part that says “Love Michael Jackson” and send it into either PSA, JSA, or BAS and have it encapsulated as a “cut” autograph. (I don’t believe Mr. Epperson encapsulates.)

Of, course, I would leave as is.  The more writing in Michael Jackson’s hand, the better as far as I’m concerned. When you receive the item, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised how big the autograph is, and it’s obviously bold..

Also, I contacted Roger Epperson who told me that is indeed his LOA, and he reiterated this is authentic.  

Member and moderator, Wascher told me she also believes this to be authentic.  

PRICE:  $750 including shipping (OBO)

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