Measures about 8 x 10, any offers pm me. :) 

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It lacks details in both names IMHO.

I appreciate the input, but I’m only really trying to sell, not get opinions. Thanks anyways :)

Hi AT,

Every autograph offered for sale either has to be authenticated by a respected third-party authenticator, or has to be determined to likely be real in a separate discussion. The rules are spelled out here:

Please read the rules and follow.



Hi Steve,

Thanks for the info and help. I’m aware of the rules, I was just not sure if shaggy thought I was asking for opinions or selling. This in fact has been authenticated by Roger Epperson and was purchased from a seller on here a couple years back, who I believe had already gathered opinions on it in a discussion. I hope that’s enough.

thanks :)

Hi AT,

If Roger issued a full COA that's usually all you need. If you don't have that, post a link to the discussion from a couple of years back. Otherwise close this listing, start a new authentication discussion and post a link to it in a new Buy/Sell/Trade listing if positive agreement on authenticity is reached.



is it safe to post roger’s coa along with this post? I wasn’t sure as I know some people forge COAS.


Hi AT. Yes, I thought you was looking for input on this. Sorry for the confussion and as always I have the upmost respect and faith in Rogers judgement.

Is it still for Sale?


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