Uncle Eric collected thousands of autographs - especially musicians & bands in Finland but also abroad in England and in Sweden (more info here: 


Queen had their concert here in Finland at the Helsinki House of Culture in November 25, 1974. Uncle Eric was eager to get their autographs as well. I have found in his archives two Queen related items - which I thought to be genuine ones. However I'm a lot wiser not - having got some good remarks by some Queen experts.

ITEM 1: Brian May / Freddie Mercury / “Best Wishes to Eric / 74”.

This is a clipping from a blank bottom of a newspaper page (26 x 4 cm / 10.23 x 1.57 inches) with autographs of two members of The Queen. I’ve cropped the item - there’s some open space at the both sides of the clipping. It’s been folded twice vertically. The two dark spots are not dirt but some printing house remarks.

ITEM 2: Card (12 x 9 cm / 4.72 x 3.54 inches) with signatures (which the experts says are not genuine ones) of the whole band: Best Wishes to Eric / Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, John Deacon.

(The txt “Queen 25.11.74” has been written by Uncle Eric himself.)

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I'm sorry to tell you this, but item 2 is not genuine. I also see some major issues with item 1 as well..mainly in the Brian signature and dedication. The dedication was not signed by Freddie or Brian from the looks of it..

Unfortunately, Freddie and John look like they were signed by the same person to me.

Innuendo & Steve - Thanks for your remarks. Item 2 has been signed behind a photo, which links it quite well to Finland and even to the 1970's:

As far as I can see there are no members of the band coming out of the plane, but Uncle Eric was famous of getting signatures to any possible paper/magazine/item he was having. Sometimes it was an old Christmas card, sometimes an old pizza menu and sometimes an old photograph or any piece of paper.

You're telling that Freddie on this item 2 would not be a genuine one (but the item 1 would be OK with both Brian and Freddie). Could someone have fooled Eric with this item 2. I mean that he would have left this to Brian or to the tour manager or somebody else of the group and asked to get all members to sign it. However this "someone" had written some of the names behind the photo by himself just to avoid anymore requests by Eric. The worst part in Eric's behavior was in deed that he was quite often a "pain in the ass" because he thought that his autographs were the most important thing in the world and that it was a great honor for everybody to be included in his collection. "No" from an artists meant nothing to him but he kept on asking and asking until something happened.

Luckily nothing lost - because I've not offered this item 2 for sale. Do you really think that only Brian would be a real one and all the others by somebody else's hand on this item2?

Tomi, unfortunately even the best autograph collectors get a dud from time to time. That comes with the hobby. But like AB said, he must have gotten them from someone else.

Secondly, I'm not sure what you mean in your last comment regarding Brian being real while the others aren't...none of the signatures (Brian included) are genuine in item 2, and I have concerns about the Brian in item 1 as well.
Uncle Eric must have gotten these from someone else, I would assume.
I don't think these are genuine.
I'm very confident that this is not genuine either.
In fact...it's not close at all.
Sorry to hijack the thread and it's not important at all but I never heard anyone talking about "The" Queen. Now back on topic ;-)

Here is an authentic set I got in person when they where here in Finland 1974. I was 12 at that time. 

Very nice piece, Juha. And I bet you had a hell of a story to tell the kids at school the next day. No name dedication, not rushed, ideal examples of all 4 for the time on paper that also looks to still be good quality, no tips or smears- the current value is pretty damn good for this. 1.5 to 2K if put in an auction setting. Great item!

I was 12 when Queen was here in Finland and I had a chance to meet the band. Before the visit I heard Brighton Rock played on the Finnish radio. I liked the song so much I decided that I must get their autographs. Before that I had never heard of Queen (this was before A Night At The Opera). After a couple of phone calls EMI Finland invited me to the pressconference. I went there and got the autographs to an album page and Sheer Heart Attack LP which was given to me by Freddie´s request, Because it was a pressconference I took my little cassette recorder with me. The rest is history…


Lucky young man! They were a real force to be reckoned with in the early days. Freddie in particular seemed to have that drive in him on stage. He still felt he needed to prove himself, I think. He really came into his own in the 70s, and (I might be a bit biased) but became one of the best frontmen in rock. Very cool piece of Queen history you got there. 

Thank you for sharing your story and that lovely Interview! "Oh" haha.

Great piece of autographed paper!

I had the luck to see Queen on my 16th birthday in Mannheim '86. Unforgettable! But never get the chance to meet one of them...




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