My late husband was a disc jocky for 40+ years and wascan avis collector of rock n roll memorabilia. Autographs, guitars, and in particular a pair of vintage levis signed over many years of back stage meet n greets. It all started when he was backstage with nothing to sign on and said "here, just sign my jeans" and the rest is history. I'm interested in the value of these jeans in hopes that if sold, the money can help support my kids and I. I can help with authenticating these with photos, backstage passes and concert tickets. if anyone knows a top notch appraiser any suggestions is appreciated.

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additional photos


I don't think that a professional appraisal will be that helpful to you for this. Getting opinions on value from members and some dealers or auction houses could be helpful. And it's possible that publicizing and auctioning it off in the area where your husband was on the air may attract fans of both the artists and your husband.

You may do better combining it in a sale of other autographs and memorabilia that you have, too.

Steve, Do you think all the signatures are legit? This is an unusual item and the texture can change the flow of signing. I'm surprised more haven't commented.

Great question, Chad. I don't know the signatures well enough for all the names on the jeans to give opinions, but the ones I know look good to me.

They're signed in marker, so the autographs look close to what they'd look like on paper.

The Kiss signatures on there look good to me and others which I have seen or have in my own collection.
Its an oddity, as Steve mentioned it would go better with his other memorabilia. The guns sigs look fine.

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