***(UPDATED PRICE - $2500 - Or Best Offer)

Hello All-

I am selling my 70's Saturday Night Live cast photo. Signatures include:

John Belushi

Gilda Radner

Dan Ackroyd

Bill Murray

Jane Curtain

Lorraine Newman

Garret Morris

I am asking $2,500.00, Or Best Offer My uncle was the stage manager on the show and gave me this photo many years ago. That being said, I did get an online authentication from Beckett.

Photo is old so there is some yellowing. But you can see from the photos the signatures are still very clear. There are also some fingerprints along the bottom edging of the photo. I have attached photos of that as well. I'd like to think it's from one of the cast members! But who the heck knows.

Please let me know if interested. Thank you!

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Wow !!!!! 

Is your uncle Joe Disco? I used to go to SNL during the original cast years. Sold a bunch of autos too. 

Yes! He had quite the career even after SNL. 

Cool. My friends and I always loved his name. :)

HA! It's actually DiCso. Not Disco!! Gets mispronounced all the time. I always thought Disco would be cool as well! 

Only took almost 40 years to find that out...thanks for the clarification! Also, my condolences on his passing.

Thank you. I appreciate that. 

This is awesome! Good luck with sale!

Thanks, George.

Very nice.  What is the size of the photo, Mike?

Hey, Daniel-

Roughly 7 3/4 x 9 3/4


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