I am not looking for an extremely rare piece.

Just looking for a simple Mark Hamill autograph. 

Have seen multiple go under 100 USD. So am looking for any below 100 USD. Preferably Star Wars related. 

I am an international buyer(I live in Japan), so shipping costs can be quite irksome which is why I try to find lower prices. Looking to purchase one from a true collector. 

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You are very welcome to let me know when you find any more Star Wars related Mark Hamill autographs for under $100 and decide not to buy them.

Because I definitely can’t find any for that price and would buy every one available!! :-)

I guess on eBay I found them. Unfortunately for real collectors, eBay is a complete PTSD filled nightmare. However, as an international buyer, it is the only way possible. 

Just two days ago, a Mark Hamill autograph was up on auction. To me, it looked completely flawless and even had it inscribed "Force will be with you always". I missed the button by a second and lost to a bid of 63 USD. 

There are a couple more that I deem authentic that are not Star Wars related, but nevertheless cool(although it is personalized). All below 100 USD even with shipping prices. I dont mind personalized autographs, but this time I just wanted to buy it from a true collector. 

Can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not, but hey. 

I guess I was a bit sarcastic, but mostly towards my own inability to find genuine Star Wars Hamills for that low. Because I would honestly love to find them for that sum!

Sorry, didn’t mean to offend you in any way!

No offense taken at all. Thanks for the clarification.

You may have already seen this one but if you are just looking for a Mark Hamill autograph under $100 here is one that fits the bill. It's definitely authentic. 


I believe you have a decent chance of finding a non Star Wars Hamill for a fair price. Star Wars stuff is much more expensive. Good luck with your search.

Thank you Joe.

And yes, I have. 




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