Hello my friends!

I love this hobby and this place, but as my life is right now I simply can’t put in the time or money needed.

I spend WAY to much time each day here at AML and other sites/groups always searching for the next item to buy. But with my children growing up fast and some medical bills (nothing serious, but still costs a lot) that needs to be taken care of I’ll need to prioritize. So I have decided to sell my autographs and instead lay that time and money on my family!

Please take a look at my graphs (link below) and send me a message if you see something of interest. 

Prices are as follow:


And I’m sure I will not be able to quit completely since this hobby is like a disease, so I will for sure make a comeback now and then. :-)

Take care!

// Cogo

Here’s a feedback thread regarding me as a seller, so you can see that I can be trusted:

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I will miss you being here, but I understand priorities. Even if you sell some, please come around as much as you'd like and enjoy the hobby from a slight distance!

+1 good luck with your new priorities - sounds like a very good investment :)

Thank you my friends for your kind words.

@Steve: I’ll be back for sure! This place is much to great for me to not come around in the future. 

Take care!!

Springsteen = SOLD

Love that AXL. Good luck stepping away and giving your family more time. 

Cogo, best of luck to you in the future, my fellow U2 fan!!  I’m glad we’ll still hear from you from time to time!  

Thank you Chad and James, much appreciated my friends!

Sorry about your collection Cogo, but I hope you get it right and see you again soon!

All the very best my friend!

Appreciate your kind words my friends! Take care!!

Freddie Mercury = SOLD

He went to a great friend and Queen lover, which makes me happy!

That's really wonderful - I always try to place things in good homes. :)




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