Much nicer than the rushed signatures he was giving outside his Broadway show. 

Includes Roger Epperson (REAL) COA

$475 plus shipping

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mine looks like this i got outside the broadway show

Then you have been damn lucky. Most I've seen from the broadway show was rushed and of course sells for lot less.

Not lucky at all...and the value doesn’t go down as a result

yes it does. If you look at RACC for example there are LP covers for 200-250 USD with his rushed autographed and they stay unsold for weeks. His regular autograph stays pretty high fortunately but the times that will fetch 500+ $ for a regular Springsteen is over.

Nick - can you post the one you got IP? The OP posted is very clean and full.

my signed book of his i got at his book signing in boston at harvard books in oct. 2016, is even more legible than your nebraska with your logic, that makes it worth more. Also, RACC is not the end all be all of what everything is worth..way too subjective a topic, imho.

Can you post the album you got from his Broadway show that is supposively as clean as the OP Nebraska album? Btw - I would always value and desire a signed album more than a book if signature quality was negated. Historical prices would also support my logic. 

YOU would value it, your opinion is not the end all be all of what anything is worth..just like mine isnt.

Ok Nick - since you’re being emotional...Heres an example - What do you think would be worth more? A Dark Side of the Moon album signed by David Gilmour or a mass signed autobiography he signed on a book tour. Signatures are identical. 

HA! so is explaining something in detail being emotional?! it is not..

depends if that dark side is a limited edition album in any it numbered? or a color variant? also is that dark side a original press or repress? makes a huge difference in value.

also if the market is being flooded with by any signature(book tour, broadway show..etc), that lessens the value of the signature to a degree no matter how well it was signed

ANY album to a mass signed book. Same signatures style  

To loop this into the initial discussion - signature quality and medium signed are correlated to desirability. I’m done here.

i guarantee you, that my limited edition poster is more desirable than that mass produced signed nebraska album no matter if he took his time or rushed his graph



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