Hi everyone!

I’m looking for a Freddie autograph and even though I know they are difficult to find I thought I could at least ask here if anyone has one for sale? 

Realistically I could probably only afford a signed paper cut, but I would love seeing what ever you might have to offer as long as the signature is in good condition!

So if you have anything for sale, please send me a pm!

Thank you! 

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Still got the fully signed programme my friend!

That’s a really great item but unfortunally quite a bit out of my pricerange...

Might I enquire what your price range is Cogo?

Friend request sent Nate! I prefer to discuss that privatly.


Do you have a full signed program?

It depends on the money you want to pay. Now it's hard to find a genuine Freddie for less than 800€. 5 years ago there were genuine Freddie's for 250€. Before buying anything, ask here first.

Richard's set is great by the way!

Very true, Fran. The change is value for freddie over the years is staggering. I believe most signatures go up in value over time but Freddie's has really jumped lately. I can only assume itll keep going up. Theres only so many genuine pieces, after all. 

Oh lol I didn't see you were already in here! Then your in good hands cogo :^)

Thanks for the kind words, Kathryn! Hope you're doing well

I recommend innuendo. He has a great collection and he helped me and my mom with our freddie autograph we sold a while back. I dont think theres a better guy for queen! 

He’s the best Kathryn, no doubt about that! I’ve actually been friends with him for several years and he has helped me A LOT several times! :-)

Aw shucks, thanks my friend! It's always a pleasure to work with you 




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