I am looking to trade signed Twilight Zone cards from the baseset (not the inserts) like below. I have a TON of extras and still need quite a few from any of the series.

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Wish I could help you, since I love these cards. I buy all I can find and have every card from all sets except the cut Serling auto card. I even have a Duvall signed prototype card. It is definitely my favorite TZ card.

cool! do you collect autographed base cards as well?

I do, but I only have a few dozen. I never got around to sending them out in the mail and unfortunately many of the great signers have since passed away. I buy all that I can find, but they don't become available that frequently.

awesome, I hve about 400 signed including every card from the 50th anniversary set. Always looking for the tougher ones

Wow! You are definitely gung ho. Which ones are tougher signers? I love the 50th anniversary set. Do you mail the cards out to the actors and actresses? I might have to try that. I am not sure if there are cards that picture Duvall, Burnett, Redford, etc. since I haven't looked at the base cards in so long.
Are any of yours for sale? The only dupes I have are the official autographed cards from rittenhouse archives.
I have been adding some more to my collection. Which ones do you have dupes of and who are you still looking for?

Here are a few doubles that i have. If you have these particular cards signed just send me a list of the numbers and perhaps we can work out a trade. I have a ton more extras

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Currently I have cards signed by Bikel, Bergman, Chiles, Holliman, Hamner, Russel Johnson, Klugman, Lindsey, Dewey Martin, Kaufman, McCarthy, Miles, Mumy, Newman, Persoff, Stickwe, Cliff Robertson, Weaver, Blyth, Reaf Morgan, and custom Carol Burnett signed cards. Still waiting to get some from Wynant, Bill Reynolds, Suzanne Lloyd, Rita Lee and a couple of others. Would love to get some I don't currently own if any of these interest you. I can let you know which cards they are if you would like. Thanks for all the images. You have some great ones. I am thinking of sending to Bower also.
Definitely would love to own Steve Forrest and Garland.

Hi Scott!

yeah can I get the cards numbers for bergman, Hamner, Johnson, Kaufman, mumy, Stockwell, robertson



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