Testing New Way to Post "FOR SALE" Listings. Try it!

A new and improved way to post sell and trade listings is ready for testing. It dramatically improves the viewing of listings.

You're welcome to join the test!

I uses our photo feature instead of discussions, so you see a small photo of the listing before you decide to click.

This is an example of a listing.

This is the current page of listings of autographs for sale.

The listings of items for sale and trade are separated from photos of autographs not for sale by using the tag "BST" (for Buy/Sell/Trade of course). Otherwise

The new listings use Autograph Live's PHOTO feature instead of its DISCUSSION feature like Buy/Sell/Trade currently uses.

This is a sample of what a listing with multiple images would look like:

Want to try it? Here's how to post a For Sale listing. Please read all the rules and follow them carefully.

1) Name the main photo exactly what you want the listing title to be before you upload it, including price. That way, as soon as you upload the photo it will have the right name.

Name any additional photos the same but add "-2", "-3", etc., to keep the images better organized. If it has a third-party COA, you can either number it like the others or name it "-COA".

These are my properly named Angelina Jolie images right before I uploaded them them into the example listing above:

2) Uploaded the main image only way you normally upload photo listings by going to PHOTOS the Navbar and then click the "+Add" button.

Here's a link to photos:  https://live.autographmagazine.com/photo

3) Once you upload the first image, add the description and tags. Tags are very important, because, as I mentioned above, that's how we sort items for sale.

You can add extra tags like, like music, hollywood, presidents, etc. We'll assign exact terms for the second tag shortly, but use your best judgment for now.

Additional tags can be the person or band's name, signed photo, whatever you want. If a tag has more than one word in it, put it in quotes. These are the Angelina Jolie signed basball tags:

"angelina jolie",hollywood,bas,"signed baseball",beckett

4) Once you've done this, save the photo listing. You'll now upload the additional related images to the first comment box.

Click the photo listing from the list of images, then go to the add comments text box below. You're going to add all of the additional images to the first COMMENT box, whether there's one more or 10.

Then upload the images one-by-one into the comment box via the image button on the toolbar, as pointed out below. Hit return after each image uploads and then click the image button again and upload any others. Here's an screenshot pointing out the image button:

Once you've uploaded all the images, click the "Add Comment" button below the box on the right...and you're done!

You can view all the for sale listings here:

You can search inside the sales listings by leaving in the "bst" in the search box, and typing "and" plus the search term after it. BST needs to stay in the search box to separate the items for sale.

This is a prototype version of the new system. There will be numerous changes soon to make it easier and more convenient to use. Please let me know how it works and if you have any suggestions.



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Comment by Jim Cushman on September 15, 2019 at 7:28am

John Lennon signature from Hanley England on May 19, 1963 while The Beatles were on tour with Roy Orbision. A signed receipt from George Harrison from December 1966. A nice Harrison signature from the early 1980's...and a "Paperback Writer" picture sleeve from 1966 signed by Ringo in 1997.All are matted...Thanks...Jim Cushman

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