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  I'm new to AML.  I posted this question in another area, but believe it was lost or buried. Can anyone give me their thoughts on this Burton & Taylor signature in a Hamlet Program from the 60's- Authentic or not.  I didn't get it in-person-obtained from the person inscribed to.

Thanks a lot!


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I got this autograph of Taylor in person when she was in the play The Little Foxes. With  pen in hand she signed my photo along with others that stood back stage. Two things im sorry about. I didnt get Burton's signature and i didnt have a photo of Taylor by herself. But this is the real thing.

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Hello diane!
You were lucky to meet taylor backstage. Its to bad you missed burton. I did the same thing when I met johnny cash. Right after he signed for me, ,june carter and rosanne walked by and I didnt ask. Do you have a scan of the taylor signature?
Did she sign burton?

I did put a scan of the photo i got autographed in person on my other message. At the time she did The Little Foxes she was not married to Burton. This was in the 1980's.  Im up loading again to this message. 

Regards Diane.

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VERY poor forgeries.


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