Went out to get some autographs from Rhonda Vincent and The rage at The Lamp Theatre in Irwin, PA yesterday afternoon.
Not knowing the routine at this venue very well I got there early, at 11:45 AM, to be assured of success as far as being there when the musicians would arrive.  It turned out that while the theatre was open and workers there at the time of the morning the band didn’t actually arrive until 4:30 PM.  So a long wait but being a beautiful day and lots of activity going on around me it was a pleasant wait.
Members of the band, The rage, got off the bus one at a time over a matter of about 20 minutes so getting each of them sign for me was a relativity easy and orderly task.  However....Rhonda Vincent didn’t get off until 5:15 PM and even when she did get off she was in a hurry to get in to sound check but said that she would sign for me soon as sound check was over.  That wasn’t completely accurate even though she did sign for me.  Sound check was over about 6:00 PM and Rhonda was the last to come out of the theatre but after telling me again that she would just a few more minutes....she got back on the bus.  A short wait though because about 5 minutes later she did get back off the bus with pen in hand and signed for me. 
She and all members of the band are extremely nice and accommodating.  Rhonda runs the whole show with the musicians, performing on stage and everything else that goes on with each show and so she was constantly running all over the place, frazzled, to keep on top of everything.
It was a long afternoon but very successful one and an enjoyable one too meeting the band.


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