Crosby Stills and Nash are going to be in Phoenix for a concert on 9/4 (they are also off the day before and I'm assuming will be in town a day before the show).  I have no idea how to find out where they may be staying, there pre-concert habits, etc.  I was hoping someone on the site may be able to give me some helpful information.  Greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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I had the the same experience with Bonoff...everything a fan hopes for but rarely finds.

I have to admit I used the "I have your book David" line and showed him as well on the last Crosby/Nash tour to no avail. He just waived and went on his way. That trick doesn't work anymore. Maybe he'll write another one with a fresh take on life after having to sign his signature for fans. Who knows? I thought the posters at the CSN merch booth at 125CA were a steal however.

i can personaly tell that david basicly only signed right after he got the new liver when he went back on the road, he did posters guitars what ever it didnt last long . hasnt done anything inyears hes one off the nastiest guys around

stephen is one off the greates and graham is fine. 

Crosby refused to sign my copy of Deja Vu at a show in Los Angeles in the 80's. I told him his dad Bing would have signed. When he fold me Bing wasn't his father, I took out my schlong and Turkey-slapped him.

I guess I got lucky with Crosby. I met CSN (and sometimes Y) a few times in the early-mid 90s. Crosby signed every time. However, he did once tell me that he could tell I was a dealer because I asked him to sign a blank piece of paper. I wasn't (also, that's not at all an indicator) and I said so. He clearly didn't believe me but he signed my stuff anyway.
I must have met him on good days, or during a rare signing period.



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