Crosby Stills and Nash are going to be in Phoenix for a concert on 9/4 (they are also off the day before and I'm assuming will be in town a day before the show).  I have no idea how to find out where they may be staying, there pre-concert habits, etc.  I was hoping someone on the site may be able to give me some helpful information.  Greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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Hey Steve,

I have gotten them a few times. Have you dealt with this venue before? They should have two buses. Check the venue early AM, maybe 10am. Then check all the local hotels, find the buses basically, Nash and Stills will prolly go out walking for coffee etc in the morning. They are both great signers (keep them talking though). They will sound check (3pm or so?) theoretically, you can get Stills and Nash a few times. Crosby on the other hand, is really rough. Rumors say he only signs a couple times a tour if that. Other than albums I wold recommend photos of just Nash and Stills, that way you can complete me. Let me know if you have any other questions and check out my website.


Hey Mike,

Thanks for the info.  I may have to take the day off and drive around looking for large buses.  I better not tell my wife.

Steve Most acts that appear Downtown either stay at the Hyatt or they go to the Ritz on 24th Street and Camelback They are at Symphony hall so the Buses will park next to the Hyatt on 2nd street

Good Luck

Thank you. I was hoping it would be the Hyatt as that is the most convenient. I wonder how many people have an interest in them autograph wise in the Phoenix area.

How did you end up doing? I went to hotel and venue and ended up getting both Stephen and Graham on 3 items. I was one-on-one with David Crosby when he got off the bus and he basically told me Not A Chance.

Thanks so much Graham and Stephen for being so for David. :(

NNow I had the same experience .... an earlier commenter noted, Nash likes to wander about taking photographs. I got to the venue super early and met Nash on the street and he signed all my stuff and we had a chat about his music. An absolutely swell guy. He asked what my plans were and I said I would swift around and try and get Crosby to sign. He says Crosby doesn't sign. I say that I will keep a positive attitude and hope for the best. Hours go by. Tour bus arrives at stage door. Security says I can call to them but cannot approach. All I need is Crosby. I wave my LP and call to him. He gives me a smirking superior withering stare and shakes his head no. Woe is me! All is lost! Nash looks my way. In desperation I cry "Graham, I've been here all day. Help me." He comes over and takes the album from me and enters the venue. 10 minutes later a guy comes out and hands me my LP with Crosby's signature added. Bless you Graham Nash! I hope you didn't have to rough David up too badly. No wait...I hope he DID rough him up because Crosby is a dick.
I printed up some awesome photo's from Henry Diltz and was all ready to start the search and then both of my daughters got sick. I ended up staying home with them, but went to the show with my wife that evening. Thankfully my brother was able to stay with the kids.

What hotel did they stay at?

I saw them at the Ritz many years ago...and was unlucky :(

I've met Crosby twice in the past two years. He refused to sign both times. First time he was rude. The second time I was alone with him, so after he refused I spoke with him for a minute or two:

Me: Mr. Crosby, can I please ask a question?

Him: Sure.

Me: Why don't you sign autographs for fans?

Him: Beceause people sell them.

Me: Okay, my name is Ira. If you signed "To Ira" how would I sell that?

Him: You'd find a way.

And that was that. So I spoke with his tour manager. Can't recall his name, but he looks just like Crosby did 20 years ago. I asked if he ever signs. He told me he has trouble getting him to sign even for charity. The good news is, at the concession stand I was first on line. They had a 2012 Tour poster signed by all three. The merch guy swore he saw all of them sign it. Paid $125. Sometimes they're on eBay for $300+.


At least you have them now. I would pay for it too.  I have 2 albums signed by Stills and Nash for about 10 years now.  I have seen Crosby several times over those 10 years.  No chance at all.  Once, a little old lady was next to me with Crosby's book.  He just laughed at her.  You would think a guy with a new liver and lease on life would have a great attitude about fans.  The guy I hate to say it, is a jerk.

Agreed. When Crosby did his first book "Long Time Gone" in the 1980's he signed on a book tour. I didn't bring anything else for him to sign. Years later when Henley did his book tour for "Heaven Is Under Our Feet" I thought enough to bring my Henry Diltz "Desperado" photograph. He signed it willingly, commenting "Ah, when we were young and foolish." One of my favorite autograph collecting stories. Of course, I can't imagine Henley now would be any easier than Crosby.

Slightly off subject, we saw Karla Bonoff last night. Wonderful songwriter, wrote for Linda Ronstadt, Wynonna, etc. She did a meet-and-greet afterwards, could not have been more gracious. Everyone's different.


You guys have to find the story I wrote for Autograph Magazine years and years ago. It's called DAVID CROSBY GAVE ME THE BYRD (get it? he was in The Byrds). I even said to him "Why are you getting a new liver, and still doing drugs...and worrying about if some autograph will sell, when these 5 guys here are all just fans?"

He flipped me off.

You gotta find the story, though. One person then took the magazine, showed him the story. He laughed, asked if he could keep it, and signed a photo for the guy. That's my 15 minutes...hahahahaha.



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