Hello everyone,

In the next couple weeks I will be seeing one of my favorite bands, Radiohead, play in Pittsburgh. It'd be incredible to get an autograph from any of the members, or at least get close enough to see them sign for other people. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips, advice, or any of their own stories/encounters with the band they'd like to share. Where is the best place to try to meet them? At the venue? At the swankiest hotel in Pittsburgh? 

Thanks in advance; anything helps!

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With most bands playing at a relatively small venue, sound check is the best time.  Hang out near the bus.  If the bus hasn't arrived by the time you get there, hang out near stage entrance.  Hard to say what time to get there because sound check is variable but for an 8pm show somewhere between 4-5?  I usually arrive around 1 as many times they arrive early drop off their s*** walk around town. 

Don't know if they are good signers or not but I would think they wouldn't be tough.

Good luck. 


Thanks for the advice! 

Mine, IP August 16th, 1996. Those shows back then were killer. Today....Photo is a limited edition insert from "Just" single (UK). Got to hang out in the sound booth - fine time...smoky...

Incredible autograph, thanks for sharing!

Thank you! It is the best single-signed item I have seen so far. Photo by Danny Clinch. 

The problem with PPG Paints Arena is once the bus or limo goes thru the gates you never see or get near them again til they leave the lot after the show. I'd say wait in the designated area, PPG Paints ropes off an area right near the entrance gate to the lot so if the band wants to stop and sign autographs that is where they will do it. Aside from getting a backstage pass that is your only hope at this venue.

The Radiohead concert was yesterday and I can't help but wonder if you had any luck with them and if so where did you run into them?



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