Looks authentic to me, however, is it?

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I'm not disputing him either

In my world it's an unusual happening

And ya the sig is odd for sure but we all know IP on the street can get a bit funky

I'm curious about it too

Maybe this is a normal rushed IP sig... maybe not

If you're asking Kamran, then you are having doubts
Which is not the same as disputes.... although it is similar lol

Who is Kamran ??

... i’m in no way an  expert on Madonna signatures, nor am I a fan. I’m a Beatles/Mccartney fan and have posted many times on my in person Macca signatures.

i got this Madonna signature by  chance when driving to my parents place. On my way there there was a road closure and some filming activity. I got out to have a look around and saw Madonna in the middle of the street with a small group of people. There were very few people around. Someone came up to me and asked if I could stand well back .. i think he was the producer actually. I asked if I could just go and ask if she would sign for me as she was just a few feet away. ‘Absolutely not’, ‘she won’t sign’ he said. It seemed faintly ridiculous as she was just in front of me and not doing anything. Anyway, a couple of minutes later when he had gone elsewhere I just walked right up to her and  asked if she would sign for me - it was just a piece of paper. She looked at me for a few seconds.. seemed like a long time (!), and i thought she was going to kill me ! I thought she must have been thinking, ‘how dare he’ . ‘Sure’ she finally said, and signed for me. ‘Thankyou, I really appreciate it’, I said. ‘You’re welcome’, she said. That’s my story. So I really have no idea  whether it looks genuine or not, but it is !!

Ricardo, that is an amazing story. Maybe Madonna was in a strange mood or something. IMO, your signature is so out of sync that is does not look like her handwriting. 

I believe an autograph speaks for itself and, unfortunately, it does not readily confirm it's authenticity. 

that is a great story Ricardo and thx for sharing it

even though your graph is wonky, I have to admit I see the overall flow as possibly being within reason

it's not one I would personally buy but if your eyes saw it happen then that's fantastic. You are your own authenticator in this case

I could study it all day until my eyes crossed, but I'd rather hear from Kamran

So I'll have a donut while I wait

What surprised me is that it looks signed on flat surface and the paper doesn't look like the kind people carry around these days. So many forgeries have those two characteristics that my guard is up when I see them. 

..the film was W.E, around 2010 I think. I saw her just around the corner where she had a house in London when married to Guy Ritchie. There are photos online of her in the street as I remember her, wearing a strange outfit with one very long sock ! I couldn’t tell you what she signed on, the paper was an ‘on call’ sheet- i’m a doctor and had just finished doing a home visit. I had a stack of these to write my notes on.

What did Kamran say out of interest ??

You may want to send him a message. He good at responding.

Interesting. I never would have thought in a million years that Madonna signed it, especially on the street.

Nothing posted so far looks authentic 

95% of the Madonna autographs I see are fakes. Some are better than others. But, in the end, a fake is still a fake. Buyer beware. You will have better luck hitting the lottery and finding a cheap Madonna.



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