Hello everybody!

I would like to know your impressions on this MJ signature. Thank you in advance to anybody will take a little time to answer me.



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Not real imo



Definitely authentic imo, as I know this was obtained in-Person by Bryan Ulrich

Thank you Yannick, your comment has a weight for sure. I agree with your consideration, but just for my learning, if you should not know that this autograph was obtained in-person, should you have identified as original? It looks very bad to me, it is not fluid as all the original autographs of MJ and presents some indecisions that are atypical in an original autograph. What do you think about it? 

Thanks for your kind reply


Imo it’s absolutely perfect, I’m 100% comfortable with the signature, even without knowing that it’s from Bryan.

no worries, happy to help :)

thank you! I have to say that it did not pass the Epperson judgment and he considered the autograph not authentic. 

Here is the answer he gave. I agree with him but I want to hear other opinions because nobody's perfect, of course.

I agree with Yannick, it looks Authentic to me. 

I agree with Stefano... although Bryan Ulrich has a solid reputation, this isn't a usual mj and I've seen plenty of forged ones just like this..but again only my opinion 

Maybe ask wascher and Steve Cyrkin Stefano too ?

Of course! Their opinion should be really appreciated!

I saw this on my phone shortly after it posted, and wanted to see it on the computer before I commented to be confident in my opinion. I felt it had to be real but I didn't trust it 100%. There's something strange about some of the small letters. Even not considering Bryan Ulrich, once I saw it on my desktop, I was confident it was real. Bryan's a good guy, so that's the cherry on top of my opinion.



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