Hi all!

I'm new to this group, and have always had an interest in memorabilia, but have never really known much about autographs. I've had a few KISS items in my collection for a few years now, and I have never really known if they were authentic or not, i definitely have my suspicions from some basic research, but have still had them displayed in frames for oddity's sake.

I've got a few, but for now, was wondering if anyone knew anything about these pieces I got from about 10 years ago?


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I'm sorry, neither of the Kiss items are authentic.

Thanks Richard,

They always did seem a little bit off to me, but my eyes have never been keen enough to recognise the little differences.

The fact that they were all written with the same colour pens were kind of what made me question them, Gene's autograph with the dollar sign through it seemed to be the wrong time period, and the Vinnie signature kind of looked unfinished to me.... I've had Bruce sign quite a few things for me over the years in person, and his signature on the lp looked a little different too.

Are there any other things I should be looking out for in terms of Kiss fakes?


Sorry for the bad news.

All members of Kiss have their own style for autographs. For me, Paul Stanley has the best signature and always tell if this has been faked.

I'll upload a set of Kiss from that time period (Creatures '82 and Lick it Up '83).

I have written for Kiss' fan club and have met every line up and have a lot of in person signatures, so I can share examples.

Best wishes,


Very cool stuff Richard :) I haven't been as fortunate as you in meeting the boys, though I have had some brief time with Bruce over the years (I gave him a Monkees Box Set last time i saw him, haha) and he also established some correspondence with Eric Carr's family for me which was fun.

Would love to see some examples :)


Here is a set from 1983, Lick it Up tour. Signed to me by Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent & Gene and Paul.

Very nice set Richard. 

Very cool set indeed!

Sorry to say - I am not liking any of KISS you posted - Dee.


They look pretty bad Mark?


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