Here is a signed photo from the Killer.  This was signed in NY the past December 2015. The person has a video of Mr. Lee signing it - so I have no question that it is real.   Great example of a recent signature of the killer!


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Just in looking at the previously posted in person signed pick guards, I see a mix in which the downstroke of the "Y" is straight or shows a slight convex to either the right or left. I see the same thing in other exemplars outside of the books. The alleged Whitten exemplars that were used as the basis for this claim all appear to show a slight convex to the right.

Thanks for posting this, Mark. Can you post the embed code or a link to the video, please do.

Here's a video posted on YouTube December 15 that shows JLL signing an autograph. You can enlarge it and get a good look at how his hand moves when he signs the J. Every signature is unique, of course, but I think this gives us a good idea of how he signs it.

Only 3 people, and it seems he signed just one?  Hmm.  700 books, hmm

There's a video by the same poster where the person with JLL says that not long before he signed 12 albums for one person, supposedly for his personal collection, and one was for sale on eBay the next day for $150.

I used this video because it shows him signing better than the other one, especially the J.


No more! Lol  love the killer

Sorry - the person who got this does not want me to post up the video.  He did get this at the Airport in NY, this past December. 


Thanks, Mark.

Has anyone tried TTM lately for 100.00?  I would suspect this is the best way to get him now.  Just curious if anyone mailed anything in the last 6 months

Here is one I recently saw in an auction.  very nice example, similar to the ones his website was offering about 12 yrs ago for purchase.  They were always signed in red from what I understand.



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