Brandon would appreciate your opinion when able Sir, opinion needed on the Earnhardt Family also Lee and Richard Petty Autographs.

Hi Brandon, I hope all is well... I am pretty confident the Dale Sr. is legit, I hope, it's the Dale  Jr. Kerry and Kelley I would like to know for sure... Could you give me a Ball Park Value on the Earnhardt Family set?

Also the Lee and Richard Petty's auto's, the owner said he personally had it autographed when he went to the Petty shop for fan appreciation day. as he was leaving he saw Lee Petty who lived next door in his front yard hitting the golf ball.  He got out and got Lee's autograph right under Richards. As the STORY goes anyway!!!

Thanks again for all your help! Take Care...




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All are authentic. Perfect examples of "meet & Greet" signatures

As for value,  The biggest value for the Earnhardt set is that it is a complete set of the "myrtle Beach' Hero cards for the Earnhardt Kids. Also, that it was signed by Jr. who was still using his full autograph ( instead of the current  Dale Jr. version ).

The Dale Sr. hero card is perfectly signed. Still, it is a very commonly signed hero card.  I would value the set at $350.00 - $400.00 in today's market.

The biggest prize is the Lee Petty autograph. Lee signed a lot of autographs before he died. They just don't hit the market that often.

Thanks Brandon, Take Care!!!


This was really great to see. Except for one minor change from yours it gives me hope that this is authentic.  Thanks

Not an expert like Brandon, but I think he will give ya the thumbs up on this one... Looks enough like the one I posted...

Nice auto, congrats...

Thanks Michael.  Good to have that opinion, I respect it.  I will probably take the time and cash to send it in to Global Authentics.  I believe Brandon is working with them now. 

Hey Michael.  I've posted a couple of times for an Earnhardt Sr. opinion.  I'm not getting any feedback at all. From anybody.  I'm new here so maybe I'm missing something.   Would you have any suggestions on these two?  Any opinion is appreciated.  I'm trying to decide if they are both worth sending in for authentication.  I feel like the helmet is good but I'm just not sure about the diecast.  I can't find anything like that anywhere else.  But I believe the guy when he tells me he knows they are authentic.  Thanks

No, your not missing anything! The guys don't hang around much these days, it does pick up during NASCAR season though... The helmet I think was a Authentic release by one of the better company's, I believe!!!

The car is a little tougher, it's not the usual later sit down sig. where he's sitting there looking at hundreds of fans, and just starts looping, but I think he would say it is an earlier example of a Dale Sr. sig... I have a card with the last name is nearly identical, congrats on the great Dale Sr. sigs....

Again not the expert, but I think you are good to go, congrats on the great Dale Sr. items... Daytona is around the corner...

Take Care,


The helmet is authentic.

This is authentic.  We used to go and see Lee when he would be hitting golf balls beside of the race shop. He was always a true Gentleman.

Thanks so much for your replies Brandon. I Hope things are going well in your business ventures



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