You'll see what I have attached.  I've been trying to find something confirmed comparable to it that I can use to justify its authentic.  That last loop just seems too squared to me.  and the D and E seem almost too perfect.  Any and all opinions are appreciated.  I'm going to send in to Global Authentics for a determination .  I understand Brandon Mysinger is now with that firm. Maybe that's why we aren't seeing any responses from him here any longer.  Thanks  

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As a follow up, Brandon did confirm by email that this was a forgery.  Seemed to even know the specific forgerer.  I now consider it $125 spent on experience.  The story was great, I bought it.  Makes me question most of my collection now. 

Global Authentics? Hmm. I am sure you have searched Global Authentics and Brandon Mysinger in our AML search engine.

Yeah I have. Just Don't have any idea who to trust anymore. Someone recommended Beckett. May try them

IMO, that is a much better choice.

Use Beckett because Steve Grad is there and as far as JSA or GA. I wouldn't use them for modern celebrity stuff, especially GA. As far as sports, etc. I don't know because I haven't looked into it and I don't look at sports stuff. Still though don't use GA/GAI.

This is a typical "post death" forgery.  Sadly, there were many that flooded the market after his death.  Please look at the authentic examples that I have posted on this site in the past.  As far as why I don't reply often....I have lost both of my grandparents and my Mother recently.  I am trying to get things into order for my family.  It's been a rough time, but I am starting to get back into the fold. Sooooo looking forward to getting back to the track!!!  

thanks for the follow up Brandon.  Greatly appreciated.  And so sorry to hear about your family situation.  Best thoughts are with you as you and your family go through this tough transition. 

Thank you!  I hope nobody is hit with this type of pain.  HAPPY DAYTONA DAY TOMORROW!



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