I did post this in forums under authenticity options as well.

I have this suit my father and I got signed when I was really young.
I still have this suit and am wondering how do I go about getting it authenticated and appraised. I plan on selling the suit but would like to get a fair price. Any price suggestions would be appreciated as well.
If anyone sees a autograph they might recognize please let me know.

(Unknown Autographs
I have done some research and think I have a few guesses on a couple of the autographs.(List provided below)
Would definitely appreciate any information anyone can give me including if im wrong about any signatures.
I have photos of each individual autographs.
If you are interested in helping me I can send them to you just let me know.

1.-----Unknown-----                 21.Dale Earnhardt
2.-----Unknown-----                 22.Derrike Cope
3.-----Unknown-----                 23.Jimmy Means
4.Ernie Irvan                          24.Hut stricklin
5.-----Unknown-----                 25.Junior Johnson
6.Kenny Wallace                      26.Dale Jerrett
7.Bobby Allison                       27.Kyle petty
8.David Allison                        28.Brett Bondine
9.Morgan Shepherd                  29.-----Unknown-----
10.Ricky Rudd                         30.-----Unknown-----
11.Jeff Gordon                        31.Richard Petty
12.Rusty Wallace                     32.Geoffrey Bondine
13.-----Unknown-----                33.Darrell Waltrip
14.Dick Trickle                        34.Ward Burton
15.Terry Labonte                     35.Bill Elliott
16.Shawna Robison                  36.Jimmy Hensley
17.Bobby Labonte                    37.Alan Kulwicki
18.Sterling Marlin                    38.Ricky Mast
19.Dave Marcis                       39.-----Unknown-----
20.Mark Martin                        40.-----Unknown-----

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thank you for your help!!! I thought This one was Dale Earnhardt am i wrong?

I also have these pictures pictures of my fathers meeting with a few people. I do not know who they are,maybe you do.

i think you're right on the Earnhardt Sr...i was not paying very close attention....the pictures speak volumes for the authenticity of the piece...makes it even that much nicer...the last one is without a doubt Rusty Wallace....

I will take a closer look at the other three and see if i can ID them...they look familiar but i will have to spend a few minutes in the time machine to get past the staches and hair...

thanks for the opportunity to hunt those sigs down...wish i could have found the others, i just didn't follow nascar/winston cup in the 90s...but i do have 1000+ driver autographs, even some of the old guys that i got at the tracks over the past 15+ years....

the second one is Alan Kulwicki, he drove for Hooters...the third one looks like a casual shot of Davey Allison....and i am still looking at the first one....


ok thank you again, i am glad it has been a hunt for you. =)

I do not think you understand how much you have been of help. When I found this suit packed away, I was clueless. I still plan on selling it. Do you think it will be worth the investment to get authenticated and appraised?

I can't really speak to what it's worth and authentication...that is outside my paygrade....i am just a schmoe that enjoys chasing drivers for autographs...i don't sell them as they were given to me for free by the drivers, i am uncomfortable selling them....I do have  a lot of them....and how many carl edwards autographs does a guy need...but i will chase him and get another this year if i see him....i guess i just like signed hero cards....they are easy to store and pull out and look at....i have the personalized ones on my wall of the garage....

I use to take my son with me, it was something we enjoyed together, now he likes racing but can't get time off to go...we all grow up, but i do cherish the days we spent at the tracks chasing autographs....it is more about the memories than money.

By the way, no express or implied warranty on my guesses....  :)

I hope you get the others identified and i believe there will be a buyer...

take good care....




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