Professionally framed Nirvana poster signed  by all 3 members

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but it's original?

Oh yea and what do you mean is it original?

very much so

is hand-signed by all three members? you sell it, out of curiosity? is a normal right picture? that certificates of authenticity have?

Hand signed by ALL three. Not really a Nirvana fan, no where to hang it and is locked away in storage. Normal pic? No certs, I got it directly from Geffen Music so I don't know why they would have a forged one AND why they would get it framed? This thing is beyond valuable.

you sell it?

Do you have documentation that the item is from geffen?

If this is still possibly available I'll talk numbers, Bill.

If you need a buyer let me know. I collect Nirvana.
I seen this on ebay for 20k i believe.
Good luck Xwiesly.
Can anyone tell me if this is real,I bought it in 2001.i was at a coin and slot machine show,and a guy had a booth there selling autographs.i bought it for $295 at the time,but I lost the letter of authenticity in my last move.the guy pulled the letter out of some other box and signed it right in front of me if I remember correctly.anyways what's your opinion?



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