What's your opinion on this soaked in bleach documentary? What happened to Cobain?

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Here is the Cobain gun 20 years on, that they said was destroyed in the documentary.

I'm still 50/50 on the Cobain tragedy.  I think he definitely had help, but I am unsure if he was murdered or had an accomplice.

The documentary is a eerie watch, with so many strange circumstances ,Courtney misleading people writing notes in Kurts hand and a nanny living at the house with a ton of drugs involved.

Im not much of a conspiracy theory guy...I think he killed himself.

Most of these things start off with faulty premises or they ask questions that while there is no answer for, the lack of an answer doesnt mean the conspiracy is true.

Courtney spins so much s*** to the media, it's ridiculous.

Id like to know how the shot gun shells ended up on the other side of the cartridge.

I think someone will eventually speak on what occurred. I think he had help, but wanted to die. Plus, it was his third attempt.



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