Attached are two letters signed "Jack" by Kennedy's first secretary Mary Davis (1947-1952).

Unfortunately nothing is written in Hamilton's book "The Robot ...". Hamilton is wrong with the information that the first secretary signs in 1952 for JFK.

I am working on a JFK signature study. Copies of examples till 1952 are appreciated.


Click image to enlarge:

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Here's one...

Thanks Christopher. Thats a Hamilton No. IV signature, but not written by Mary Davis, the small sign under the slash is not visible. In 1947/ 1948 Kennedy's real signture is very close to this kind of signature, have a look at the letter with postscript. Hamilton is right with secretary IV, but the "long K" signatures in 47/48 are written by JFK himself. An old UACC article mentioned that both signatures are written by the same secretary and that is probably wrong.

Sorry that it took so long to post these pics.  I am currently in the process of moving.  Here is a picture that President Kennedy signed to my grandfather.  My grandfather was in charge of security at the Hyannisport Kennedy compound during the presidency.  My grandfather personally drove Kennedy to the hospital in Boston when one of the children died.  There is a picture of him on the front page of the Globe with the president that day. 


I took these two photos with my Blackberry Bold.  As a side note, some of the purported autos I see posted look nothing like this authentic one.  Not sure what is going on with those.  I guess the point is, is that his secretary was signing some of those letters?    Anyway, enjoy the pics.  remember they are taken with the glass still on the photo.  The photo is signed with black ball point ink it appears.

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