Maybe we can help each other out, list some of your most wanted autographs from the show!!!

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Here is my Asa autograph!!!
Sorry the image before is a Don Knotts photo here is the Asa Autograph!

That is neat I have only seen a couple of his autographs one was a talent directory cut and another an income tax wage form. 

I saw a director cut a while back on ebay but that autograph did not look anywhere near the same as this one so I turned away from it! That is the only other one I have seen!
Has anyone ever seen or owned a Colin Male autograph, I would love to have one of him!

Male is one I have never sought out really so have not paid close attention in the past.  I do not recall seeing any of his.  He is often listed for his announcing on the show but for my personal collection I only consider him for his actual acting as the game warden.  Suspect he is an uncommon one since he is another that was not a big name. 

Anyone have a Forrest Lewis to post just so I can see what his autograph looks like. Also anyone have a Fred Sherman autograph?

i have never seen Forrest Lewis or Fred Sherman.   My hunch is there are ones out there especially album pages but since they are not big names probably people are selling the name on the other side.  That is how I ended up with my Thayer David autograph I purchased the name on the other side and had no idea whatever there an autograph on the other side.  As it turned out Thayer David was a bigger find for me than the one I purchased it for. 

Im looking for signed cards from the trading card set of these:

Andy Griffith
Don Knotts
Ron Howard
Jck Dodson
Hal Smith
Howard Morris
Betty Lynn
Jim Nabors
Parley Baer
Jean Carson




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