I found this thread recently and just signed up for Autograph Live, so as my first post, please bear with me.

I want to post my Anne Frank playbill with Natalie's signature. I got Austin Pendleton's (Anne Frank cast) autograph from him directly, standing by the entrance door. It was a bright sunny day, he was gracious and patient. I think I asked if Natalie was inside already and he said he'd check.

A minute later an assistant came out and asked me if I was the one waiting for Natalie's autograph. I handed her my second playbill and said I was. She said hold on. A few minutes later she returned with this autographed playbill. I never saw Ms Portman in person, except for her onstage as Anne Frank.

I've heard many stories of assistants taking these requests and ghost signing for her, so I've always wanted to professionally authenticate this. On the same trip, I saw Wait Until Dark and got Marisa Tomei and Quentin Tarantino to sign the same playbill in front of me, so I know those are real. I even have one pre-cell phone selfie from a 35mm box camera w me and QT.

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Hi Benjamin,  I'd really like to see the Portman graph do you have a photo of it you could post?

It is an unusual signature study to be sure in that it has no images. 

I uploaded files. Is there a long delay or another way to post photos I don't have hosted anywhere? Also, this was meant to be under an existing Portman study thread but it went to the main thread. I'm new 

Oh, I am indeed sorry. There appear no uploaded images on my screen. Perhaps others are seeing something different. It could be my Chromebook (kranky!).

All I can suggest is to watch Steve Cyrkin's (Our Host) videos on these topics. That has to be best. They can be seen "below" if on the main page which is where I hang out.

I'm not seeing them either! I got no errors, but I'm not sure if the upload just takes a moderator or What. I'll tinker around with maybe an IG link but please be patient w me. Got a lot of good stuff to contribute. Love this site's concept. 

Hi again,

Welcome for one, for second I am sure you do have some wonders to share and I look forward to seeing them. Explore you own "My Page" and you can upload images there. I don't understand why the images in this thread don't show unless you uploaded them improperly and I have no reason to think that.

There is no delay time - what you upload should show immediately.

Best wishes, Eric

Hi Benjamin, welcome!

Here's a link on how to post a discussion, including images:


LMK if it doesn't work for you. You can reply to this message and I'll be notified.

Thank you all!

So immediately into the training, I realize I'm using my phone browser so a laptop is ideal. 2nd...I was using the Upload below the html editor. I'm trying one now the right way......

HUGE and good. I don't know how to make a "thumbs up" thingie so picture one. :)



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