Scarlett Johansson, what can I say about her that hasn't been said before?  I would see her at film premieres in NYC all the time in the late 90's and early 00's, yet I never asked her for an autograph. Little did I know, that in about a decade she would be among the top female box office draws in the USA.  

2011and finally 2014

We see the letters in Johansson disappear by the end of 2010, by early 2011 they were gone completely.

Newer images of Scarlett from the Avengers or the last Captain America film the Winter Soldier featuring full Johansson or last names more than just a J slash...should be looked upon with full skepticism.

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I am not going to get into this discussion again, but it is nothing that I would allow in my collection, nor is anything from that company.

Thank you Pete!  If you wouldn't mind, I would love to learn more about it & would appreciate if you would be willing to send me a private message on here, so I can be more educated.  

Ok... this is a rare one! 

This is a yearbook that has been signed by an 11 year old Scarlett Johansson to her boyfriend at the time. Scarlett is pictured in the yearbook. It came with a letter from the original owner to his mother, written around the time the yearbook was signed, where he talks about how he has a new girlfriend... "Scarlett Johansson... who played in the movie North" (her very first acting credit on IMdB). 

I have an early Horse Whisperer photo, but this book is now definitely the earliest (and one of the coolest) Scarlett autographs I own!

Very nice!!!

Scarlett J (The Horse Whisperer hand signed promo) 1998-99
is it good or bad?

I have compared with S.J study's samples here in Autograph Live,it looks kinda similar but I'm not sure...would love & appreciate to hear more opinions...thanks

Looks good to me. 

Thanks for reply and opinion,Geoff ...
compared yours with looks pretty identical,
my impression's optimistic...just not 100% certain
hear more opinions from ScarJo collectors with experience will always a good thing...

Abiosis, I'm not expert on Scarlett although, if you are lucky enough to be the owner, I believe it appears genuine. Personally, I would not hesitate to buy it or own it. Nice looking signed photo!

it is 100% real.

Thanks Joe and Pete reply...I'm glad and relieved to hear that it's legit ~
appreciated your knowledgeable opinions about this hobby as always...thanks ~

Hello. I would like to know if this autograph is original. Thanks.




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