I am 57 years old and grew up in Oklahoma City, Ok, where I as a youngster was able to see both Ali and Foreman. My best friend,his father (who was the boxing fan) and I would go to the Friday night fights. Sean O'Grady's father was the fight promoter, and Sean went to our High School, Northwest Classen. Sean had two sisters, both of which had red hair and I was somewhat interested in them (of course!) So, my contact with the boxing world was for various reasons...
In 1972 Muhammad Ali was in OKC and fought an 'exhibition', after the 'fight' he stood in the ring and signed all who asked, but their was a catch; you had to purchase Mohammad Speaks and he would sign that. So I purchased and stood at ringside with many others awaiting my turn. Ali's hands were still taped as he signed, and my turn came, he signed without looking at me (as he was speaking to others in the ring). Well, having just spent an additional dollar (or whatever it was) I was going to get my money's worth, so, I folded the Mohammad Speaks in half, turned away (as if to leave), waited a few moments, and turned around and held it out again for another autograph. Again, in a few moments, he signed (without looking at me) and now I have two! But, being the smartass I was, I am going for three! So, I did the same as before, but this time used the back page. Sure enough, the Champ signed again.....but, this time he looked straight at me, and with most sincerity he said "This is the last one" Busted! Dang if he didn't know about the other two. I was impressed. So I left with my three autographs, sure I could sell one. I sold the back page for $5 at school the next day to Royce Mullin (we later joined the USMC together). He signed it 'M Ali' in a hurry of course, but for all who asked.

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