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Judge Throws Out Christopher Morales Expert Testimony—From Small Claims Court

Christopher Morales and the sellers who use him claim that as a "forensic document examiner," his "scientific methods" and exhaustive procedures have earned him "court-approval." They say this makes him far superior to any other kind of autograph authenticator.

Forensic document handwriting analysis generally requires at least 10-15 known handwriting samples, preferably from the time period of the writing being analyzed. The "scientific" part is primarily ink and paper analysis to try…


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We've Been Sued by Christopher Morales

Last Wednesday I was directed to an article on Autograph Alert that, beyond saying the usual things they say about this site and me, seemingly "outed" one of our members whose comments they didn't like. At the end of the article, they wrote:

"By the time you read this story,

Cyrkin will have the first of a major rude awakening,

one he has invited and is well deserved."

The next…


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Autograph Authentication Boards: Is it Time?

Authenticity is everything in autographs. Some are satisfied with certification by certain third-party authenticators, and others don't like or use any of them. Many particularly don't like them issuing opinions on autographs they've sold.

The more orderly the marketplace and the safer we make it for collectors, the more the autograph market will grow.

So here's the question:

Is it time for the autograph hobby to set up official expert authentication boards in each…


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